To choose the best hair transplant Surgeon is one of the most decisive tasks before finalizing the procedure that must be followed by in-depth studies, research and development. The procedure hair restoration is one of the most concerning aspects of the plastic & the cosmetic surgery world that requires extreme artistic skills along with the précised surgical knowledge. There are a lot of mediums, which provides us information regarding the recognition and accreditation of the Surgeons that they gained from their experience and expertise in the respective field. So, it is better to take help from those mediums and evaluate the decision of choosing the Surgeon for the restoration procedure. No matter where you are receiving the treatment, it is better to analyze the performing Surgeon’s skills & quality in order to receive the best positive outcomes of the procedure. The selection process must be free from the geographic location, province, and cost because the best original outcomes are all expert Surgeon’s dependent.

Choosing the best Surgeon is all about a research work and one should keep the following Points for the consideration:

  1. Qualification & Experience: The qualification of the hair transplant Surgeon is rated on the respective degree and accreditation that they gained in their career. The hair transplant Surgeon must possess the master of plastic & cosmetic degree (M Ch) & MS. It is mandatory that your performing hair transplant Surgeon has plastic & cosmetic surgery degree as a token of their excellence in the job. As far as experience is concerned, the Surgeon must possess years’ of experience in the same filed, i.e., more than 5-6 years in performing the hair transplantation. An experienced and qualified Surgeon can better understand the technique selection, artistic sense and suitability of the procedure for the patient that helps in getting the best result of the procedure.
  2. The Hair Transplant Experience: The performing Surgeon must have an enriched experience in the field of hair transplantation with years’ of experience along with a number of hair transplant cases. The given result by the Surgeon must weigh a place in the restoration society and a positive response towards the remark zone as well.
  3. The Artistic skills of the Surgeon: The hair transplant procure is a combination of science & art in which artistic part shares 60% space and remaining 40% is a surgical job. Therefore, it is very important that the performing Surgeon must possess the best knowledge about the artistic touch in the procedure. The placement of graft, as well as the slit making job, is a core artistic part of the surgery and the excellence in the artistic job comes after years’ of experience in the same field.
  4. Fellowship & Accreditation: The Surgeon should possess the required fellowship in the respective field and have accreditation from the recognized restoration society and bodies. The Surgeon should also participate in the reputed international and national restoration societies, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, etc., to deliver his dialogue regarding innovative technique, methods, and the process of restoration surgery aided by the live workshop sessions, presentation as well as the live demonstration. The fellowship program and accreditation from the renowned bodies allows a Surgeon to contribute the field with the best practices as well as the best outcomes.  


In the nutshell, we can say that choosing the hair transplant Surgeon is full of informative work that must be done carefully by checking every facts and information towards the performance of the Surgeon in the respective field.