Medical Assistance

Of course you can, and you should, although the situation can get a bit tricky.

Seeking medical help after being responsible for a car accident can be challenging. Many physicians refuse to take up such cases as they are not sure of being paid for their service. However, you need to see a doctor for car accident regardless of how trivial the car crash injuries may appear to you. This is necessary to avoid complications in the future.  What you need to figure out, however, is how to outmaneuver this issue of getting medical assistance and get help from doctors ASAP. Visiting the ER is one obvious option, but not the only one. Plus, it may turn out to be very expensive. There are a couple of alternatives that you can explore. Here are a few of them:

Reach Out to Your PIP Coverage

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection coverage. This scheme can pay for your medical bills and treatment options regardless of whoever is at fault for the accident. In the US, 12 states including Florida, Michigan and New Jersey have mandatory PIP coverage. If your state is covered by this scheme, you are in luck. Try to find that out first. Brush up on your PIP knowledge and use this coverage to take care of the medical bills.

Use Your Med Pay

Like PIP, your ‘Medical Payments to Others’ or Med Pay will help you get medical assistance regardless of who is at fault. The limits are generally below $25, 000. However, you need to buy Med Pay on a ‘by vehicle’ basis. This means, if you have two cars, you need two Med Pay policies to cover both the vehicles. However, Med Pay is not as comprehensive as a PIP is and will not cover any lost wages that may result due to the accident. While your health insurance will cover your injuries, Med Pay will cover the people in the car in case of an injury.

Medical Assistance

Dole Out Cash for Quick Treatment

Many doctors prefer cash while treating an at fault car crash victims, and for obvious reasons. Instant cash means no hassles of dealing with the insurance company, no waiting for weeks for the payment to arrive, and no paper works. Inspired by the ‘ease’ that cash offers, many doctors even gives discounts.

Bank on Your Credit Card

Like cash, doctors generally accept a credit card payment. And just like while making a cash payment, you may get a discount using this mode too. Put your inhibitions about using the credit card, if any, to rest. If this is your only way of paying your medical bill, then so be it. When you need medical attention, you must get it, regardless of whether you have a personal injury case or not.

Give Your Health Insurance a Try

Many doctors are not too willing on accepting health insurance if they find out that you are at fault. Instead, they demand an upfront payment. In many states with the PIP facility in place, it is necessary that your health insurance is used before the PIP starts working. You may make a few calls to find out which doctors will accept health insurance as a mode of payment.

Yes, it might be a bumpy road for you to get medical treatment after being at fault. But, being in an accident rarely offers a simple and easy path. Keep these options in mind and remember that your health is your first priority. Your actions after the accident should be based on getting the best doctor for car accident and starting treatment for the injuries and problems.