Methandienone is a chemical element having all qualities to benefit bodybuilders, weight lifters, boxers, and fitness seekers. It is marketed popularly in the name of Dianabol and D Bol.  It is quite potent steroid to be used wisely otherwise users may endure severe health issues.  It does the wonders in just three to six weeks of consuming its dosages.

Before 60s it was used as a prescribed medicine to cure several ailments. Gradually its other beneficiary features came into view which made it a well acclaimed anabolic steroid specially used for bulking cycles. Today, Methandienone is sold by various brand names all over the globe to be highly used by fitness lovers and bodybuilders.


  • In just having few dosages, you gain bulk muscles.
  • Your stamina gets greatly increased to do strenuous exercises without any added efforts.
  • You erase fatigue and feel fresh
  • It acts slowly than other steroids hence it doesn’t spark any harsh health issues.
  • Can be conveniently stacked with other powerful steroids.

Dosage amount:

Normally, 50mg pill taken once in a day is quite effective. Seasonal users prefer to take higher dosages or combine it with other steroids to grow muscles in a faster and safe way. Beginners can start with 10mg per day and slowly increase the proportion of dosages in few weeks. These ways will enable you to gain desired results quickly and safe guard you against arising health issues.

Solution of Methendienone for injecting is more powerful than its tablet form. Hence, people who prefer to have muscle mass in quicker way, prefer to use the former form of the beneficial steroid.

Actually it is a kind of testosterone and as it is 17aa, it goes straight to liver and doesn’t create additional estrogen. Athletes use these steroids pills to get added strength and muscle gain to give superb performance in their chosen athletic field.

If the steroid is used abnormally or you take its pills for longer than eight weeks, user is sure to fall prey to mild and severe health issues. High blood pressure, excess sweating, high level of estrogen, damaged liver, malfunctioning of kidney, development of man boobs, joint pains and bloating are few of its health effects.

Women users are likely to have masculine feature if they take over dose of the steroid. Hence, users need to know the recommended dosages and cycle lengths before beginning to take the muscle building steroid.