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Starting in the year 2014, the US Department of Transportation has required that all truck drivers receive a qualified physical examination at least in every two years. If you have a commercial driver’s license, you should have a valid Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration medical certification from an examiner who has been approved by FMCSA. Just like as if you are visiting a doctor, obtaining the DOT physical test also requires some planning and preparation.

What Is Covered In The DOT Physical Exam?

If you want to drive a truck or a bus professionally for an extended period of time, you are required to take a DOT physical test. This test is mandated by federal law and it will help you for driving various types of commercial motor vehicles. The DOT physical exams in Denver or anywhere in the US will ensure that you, along with your fellow truck drivers, can handle the long hours of driving and can handle stress and exhaustive schedules.

Do You Need The DOT Exam?

You are required to take the DOT exam if you fall under these categories-

  1. Your vehicle transports hazardous materials in which your truck needs to be placarded
  2. You are driving a vehicle that is designed to carry more than eight people at a time
  3. You are operating a truck that has the right combination of weight rating, gross vehicle rating, gross vehicle weight or a combined weight which is more than 10,000 pounds in total

How Often Do You Require Having The Exam?

The validation of most of the medical certificates is for only two years. However, if you are having health issues like high blood pressure or low blood pressure, you will get a certificate that is valid for only one year. If you have heart issues and / or other medical conditions, you get the certificate for three months only. After this timespan, if you show improvement in your health, you will get the certificate extended for two years.

Before scheduling the appointment, you should check your own medical health. You should not be suffering from any sort of kidney disease, heart issues, chronic pain, impaired vision, loss of hearing, spinal cord injuries, depression or stress, paralysis, brain injuries, stroke, missing limbs and so on. You should be physically fit. While filling in the form, you should be honest and disclose all of your medical conditions. There will be a blood pressure measurement test, hearing test, vision check and also glucose level check when taking the test. So, if you want to be a professional truck or bus driver in US, you should get the DOT exam.