Many people get confuse about what are stem cells?

Let me clear this doubt, stem cells are those cells which possess a property of multiplying and diversifying. These cells remove the damage cells out from the body and helps to produce new cells.

Currently, stem cell therapy in India is doing wonders and curing more than 80 plus disorders which are one of the life-threatening illnesses. Some of them are  cancer, all genetic disorders, eye sight problem and many more.

In India, stem cell therapy is producing 100% results. As this therapy, is very safe and easy, many people around the globe is considering India as there most preferred destination for stem cell therapy treatment.

For stem cell therapy to be done in India, there are 3 methods of performing the same

  1. Autologous stem cell therapy: In this type, patients old damaged cells are removed and new cells are transplanted into his body which are extracted from the patients’ bloodstream itself.
  2. Allogenic stem cell therapy: In this type, donor’s cells are extracted and from the bloodstream, and the same cell after preserving them for 2-3 days of observation these cells are injected into the patient’s body itself.
  3. Haploidentical stem cell therapy: In this type of transplants total HLA match, donors for a haploidentical transplant need be only a 50 percent match to the recipient. This can be frequently can regularly performed more expeditiously than customary random contributor transplants.


Some of the key benefits are:

Here the accommodation and travelling cost is also very less as compared to other countries.

  • Advancement of technology: Due to advance use of technology, the therapy is done is very easily and will less time. Because of advance use of technology the success rate of stem cell therapy is succeeding day by day.
  • Conversion Rate: The rate of converting stem cell is minimum. Stem cell therapy get converted within 30 days. Because India has experienced and skilful doctors they make it possible.
  • Waiting Period: In India waiting period is less.  However, it depends upon the type of treatment or therapy you need to take.


The stem cell therapy in India range starts from 5,00,000 and goes up till 50,00,000.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. The survival cost here in India is very reasonable and affordable as compared to other countries.
  2. The accommodation facilities which India provides to its countrymen as well as to the visitors is very nominal.
  3. India possess a renowned quality of surgeons as well as of the doctors.
  4. The conversion rate of dollars to rupees is also very low. this is for those people who come to India for their treatment.
  5. The results which India is achieving in stem cell therapy is 100%, which is seriously amazing.


STEP1: Consultation: As a matter of fact, it is the important step to design your treatment with specialist and choose your stem cell therapy in India.

For international patient’s: They have to set up their record for movement. For instance, identification, medicinal visa. This stage is the most critical stage in light of the fact that if the patient is going for allogenic foundational microorganism treatment they ought to have a contributor prepared. After this they can continue for booking their convenience. They will likewise require to gather the money required for the treatment. Here all the convey all the earlier tests reports identified with your treatment. If there should arise an occurrence of autologous undeveloped cell treatment, the patient ought to be prepared with all the important tests which are to done before coming.

For national patients: they need to choose the kind of treatment they are going for and furthermore complete the different test identified with the treatment.

Step 2: Preparations: In this stage you have to choose the doctor’s facility in which you will take the treatment. After this choice one needs to set up the benefactors and also tolerant, there are sure systems that should be trailed by the patient which will be told by the specialist.

After this they have to enjoy a reprieve for quite a while and prepare for new beginning. This is for worldwide patient’s.

For National patients they should be prepared for the treatment as recommended by the specialist and they have to benefit all the test which are endorsed by the specialist.

Step3: Initial step: the patient is taken to operation theatre after giving anaesthesia, from the hip bone of the bone marrow the stem cell is taken.

From the hip bone the juice is taken out and this is known as bone marrow and from that stem cells are separated. Now this treatment includes no pain.

Step 4: Stem cell transplant: Now these stem cells are into the patient’s bone by giving local anaesthesia to the patient so that there is no pain, this operation takes place within one day only. It is done with least pain.

Step 5: Recovery: After all the above strategy, the patient is watched and on regular schedule registration happens to know the state of the body, regardless of whether it is recuperating or not. If not then some the specialist may change the arrangement of activity. This is the most essential piece of the treatment as the patient is inclined to reactions. That is the reason specialists make normal registration so that if any confusion is there it is quickly recognized.

Step 6: Follow up: Now, after all this the doctor takes regular follow ups so that all goes well and the patient is fully recovered.