Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent that is composed of water and oxygen only. Like the ozone, it also kills disease organisms by oxidation. Hydrogen peroxide is considered as the safest all natural effective sanitizer in the world. It is one of the simplest molecular forms present in the earth. It is also one of the most abundant sources on earth.

This compound is found in rainwater, snow, clouds, evaporative moisture and also in healthy living cells of living beings. It is among the most essential and profitable nutrients of human life itself on the planet. H2O2 is a great detoxifier that stimulates the enzymatic response and helps to keep the world and the inhabitants clean, healthy and vibrant for a longer time.

Without it, the oceans would be putrid, the soils and lands would be left infertile and the forests bereft of the life-giving fungi, mosses, the number of invertebrates, and various soil microorganisms which maintain the healthy biosphere known as ‘Earth’. In simple terms, without the existence of it in the lifecycle, there could be no life cycle at all.

Stimulating the immune response, nourishing cells, fighting off infection and converting nutrients into energy; it has countless functions in the life cycle of living creatures that medical science and research have discovered after tens of thousands of scientific research and studies on its functions.

The concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in the environment and in human bodies are minute in comparison to the man-made strengths and grades that are accustomed to in the modern culture. This may explain why people are so misinformed, confused and easily misled when it comes to hydrogen peroxide.

About 3% solutions busily foaming away in the sink or on a scrape on the skin and people immediately jump to the conclusion that anything as powerful as this must be dangerous, and should probably be avoided. The idea of a food grade H2O2 that is ten times stronger than the 3% solution positively frightens us. But it doesn’t have to. In the natural environment, it does not follow the modern dictum of “more is better”.

The stronger solutions are reserved for other specific goals, such as decontaminating an environment polluted by standing flood water or cleaning wastewater in a treatment facility. And of course, to fuel that great modern adventure, space travel. In nature, hydrogen peroxide collects in the atmosphere in tiny amounts, and rains down on the earth in amounts just large enough to provide oxygenation without actually delivering such a strong dose that oxidation occurs instead.

Remarkable, really, how nature can be so precise and clever that way. It also works wonders in the garden. You can mix a 3% food grade solution with 8 parts of filtered water and spray crops, houseplants, and gardens with the solution for increased vigor and improved yield. Place a small amount of the same solution into the planting hole before transplanting vegetables for similar improvements in plant growth and yield.