Pull-up diapers come as helping aids to adults who have a problem controlling their urination or are bed-ridden, making it difficult to get to the restroom. While these pull up diapers bestow a great deal of convenience to an elderly person who is incapable of taking care of himself, a couple of disadvantages also crop up with their prolonged use and care must be taken to avoid them.

  1. Health Benefits – Pull up diapers can easily be worn by an elderly patient either by himself or with the assistance of a care-taker. These external aids serve best to people who are on wheelchairs and those who are incapable of exercising control over their urinary or bowel movements. Some patients suffering from dementia demand a frequent use of these diapers when they fail to act on the stimuli that prompts them to visit a restroom.
  1. Varied capacities and sizes – Extending a helping hand to all such people, Zigy, the pharmacy shop online enlists an assortment of pull up adult diapers that can easily be sourced by the members of the family. Sizes varying between large, extra large and medium, a number of premium brands of adult pull up diapers are up for grabs on Zigy.
  1. Upholding the dignity of an elderly citizen seems to be basic premise of these diapers alongside the convenience to dispose them off after use. Enabling elders to feel fresh and dry at all times, these diapers come with super-absorbent and skin-friendly materials.

However, these adult briefs come with a couple of disadvantages.

  1. There can be many instances when the pull up adult diapers start to leak from the bottom, when full.
  2. The patient himself cannot distinguish between a light or heavy days when he demands a frequent change of his adult pull up diapers.

Precautions can be taken in these matters to ensure effective use of these diapers. All thanks to Zigy, the platform facilitating online medicine purchase in India, having these delivered home have become that much easier.