We all have our vices and our daily indulgences. Sometimes, after a long day at work, people like to reach for a calming cigarette. Others turn to the bottle of wine or a big bar of chocolate. (Some might turn to all three at once!) Indulging in these things doesn’t mean we are ignoring the health risks. Of course, everything in moderation is typically alright by me! However, some of you might be looking for an alternative to that daily cigarette. It’s a vice that lots of us share, and perhaps you aren’t ready to give up that dailly hit for good. What you can do, is replace it with something a little healthier, or a little more enjoyable. Here are some ideas.

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E-cigarettes – E-cigs are hailed as the saviour for smokers everywhere. Providing the nicotine hit without any of the harmful tar and carcinogens. Smokers tend to use these e-cigs to wean themselves off cigarettes for good. Does it work? Well, some smokers have reported great results. Others simply get hooked on the sweet flavours of the e-cigs instead! It’s great for social smokers, as e-cigarettes are still legal inside most bars and restaurants. Although some scientists aren’t convinced about the benefits, it’s worth a try.

Flavoured cigarettes – If you’re not fussed about giving up just yet (you just want an interesting alternative) try smoking flavoured cigarettes instead. The guys at Swisher Sweets have created peach, grape, and strawberry flavoured cigarillos, for example. It might just give you a different taste for your daily smoke. You could also try smoking shisha if you love that fruity smell!

Patches – Let’s look at some real alternatives to smoking altogether. If you’re looking to give up completely, you might want to look at the available nicotine patches. They give you a daily hit of nicotine (which your body is craving) while removing the dangerous intake of toxins. Good for your lungs, and good for your skin! Studies show that, scientifically, they work. However, it certainly doesn’t take away the habit of holding something in your hands. It’s a difficult one that doesn’t always work for long-term smokers.

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Chew fruit and nuts – When it comes to a smoking habit, it’s all about distraction. The muscle memory and your habits are the biggest players here. You need something for your hands and mouth to do! Reaching for snacks is a common alternative to cigarettes, but that can lead to other health problems. So, make sure it’s a healthy snack like nuts and fruit. Chewing on a carrot is another great way to keep your cravings at bay.

Get up and exercise – Exercise actually gives you a similar dopamine hit to smoking. It releases feel-good endorphins into your brain, just like nicotine. Granted, it’s a lot more effort than smoking! But, if you can replace one or two cigarettes per day with a quick jog or some light yoga, that’s a good thing.

Whatever your reason for switching away from cigarettes, there’s an option out there. Whether it’s shaking up the flavours or giving up entirely, try one of these options.