One of the biggest E-Commerce companies in the world, Amazon, announced a lot of new devices that they will release, like the new Alexa Commands, as well as a smart ring called Echo Loop. But one of the latest gadget Alexa is planning to release is their new glasses with the Alexa voice control.

It is drawing the most attention from the tech and gadget community, as well as privacy advocates. These smart glasses, put Amazon’s support assistant on the user’s body in a way that is different compared to the more anticipated Echo buds.

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These earbuds are not usually worn all day; the way glasses are supposed to be worn. By bringing in the assistant to your glasses, Amazon is making sure that the digital assistant can help users answer specific questions, set or announce reminders, as well as operate your smart devices all day long.

The frames raise a lot of questions about what the device does, what they are for, whether it can be customized, and questions on how to buy them. It is not as easy as a trip to Best Buys or the nearest electrical stores, or in this case, adding them to your account’s shopping cart.

The reason why the company makes these frames

Wearablesare going to be a massive technology sector in the near future, but so far, only fitness trackers and smartwatches have really taken off. Some companies, especially Google (Google Glass) and Amazon, have already introduced smart frames to the public, but they have hardly gained the popularity that they are hoping for.

At a price of more or less $200, Amazon Alexa smart glasses offer users the ability to use Alexa Assistant and its pervasive skills wherever they go, at an affordable price. If the product is successful, the new device can help expand the company’s influence outside of houses, something Google’s devices being able to do with their Google Assistants, and unfortunately, the companyhasn’t achieved yet.

It is what Amazon Smart Glasses do

These smart glasses let users speak the command, as well as hear replies from the digital assistant, hands-free. Users can also use the device to listen to streams. Like when people are walking with their hands full, they can ask Alexa to start their air conditioning unit at home or play their favorite podcast.

At 31 grams, the frameis not any heavier than your regular eyeglasses, although its temple pieces are wider compared to your average glasses. Users can control some of its features by swiping on the earpiece. The Microphone can be turn off by double-tapping the action button located on the temple, listen to any commands, with four small beamforming speakers that are aimed at the ears that will let the users hear digital assistant’s response.

For now, Alexa smart glasses only works with Android devices

They also sells the frames as an accessory to Android phones, allowing users to interact with the Google Assistant or hear alerts through the device. Currently, they are in the process of integrating iOS support, and the company is keeping a tight-lid about whether or not they will work with Apple iPhones in the near future.

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The frames can be fitted with prescription lenses

During the device’s launch presentation, Amazon’s devices and services’ senior officials noted that the demonstration pair uses prescription lenses. According to the company, the optometrist can fit lenses on the frames depending on the user’s preference and adjust their fit like a regular pair of eyeglasses.

The device also has printable cards with the user’s information to help eye doctors out. If you have insurance with an out-of-network coverage, there is a big chance that you can be eligible for reimbursement. You can check out their website for more information.

Here is how to know if the device fits you

Right now, Amazon’s smart glasses are only available in one color – black with a tortoise temple tip. It also has one size – 54 x 18 x 146 millimeters. The company has a fashionable little pop up on the product page to help potential buyers determine if it will fit their faces.