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The subject of vaccination is conflicting and prone to a lot of misunderstanding. But vaccination during pregnancy is an important aspect of health care routine. They prevent the occurrence of a host of dangerous diseases. The first traces of vaccine were found in case of small pox. In the early part of the 20th century this vaccination was given. A lot of credit has to go as the disease has been totally eradicated from the planet. Some other diseases are close to that point like polio. This vaccination during pregnancy is a must. What is sad is that we do not want to be vaccinated any more. This is what vaccines can go on to achieve.

Roadmap to improvement in health

Be it an adult, a teenager or children each one of us needs vaccines. You can avail the option of various immunization schemes on offer. This provides a list of vaccines that need to be given and at what age. Mostly they are given to children. By the 6th birthday it is expected that children should be receiving around 14 vaccines. They are available in a series of shots. Some of them are combined so that they can be given in fewer shots.

Immunization is indeed necessary to prevent the spreading of any contagious diseases. In young children and old adults the important of vaccines is immense.

Are there any side effects associated with vaccines?

Yes there could be side effects if you or your child avails a vaccine. Mostly they are mild in nature. Redness or swelling is found at the site of injection. In some cases children develop a mild grade fever. These symptoms disappear in a day or two. Though serious effects have been reported but it is pretty much on the rarer side.

Years of research or development goes before a vaccine is considered to be safe. The medical experts evaluate the research inputs before they approve it. They conduct a detailed inspection on the sites where the vaccine is tested and ensure that all rules along with regulations are followed. Once the vaccine is released to the public the FDA continues to monitor its use and ensure that there are no safety issues.

Vaccines are safe and the benefits outnumber the risks.

Could there by anyone who cannot opt for vaccines?

There is some category of people who should not receive vaccinations. This would include people who have certain medical issues or infants under the age of 2 years. A small section of the people does not respond to a particular vaccine as well. Since these people cannot be vaccinated it does become important that everyone else gets vaccinated. This would preserve the herd immunity of a large section of the population. It means that if some people are immune to certain type of vaccines it would stop spreading.

To conclude if we stop vaccinating the disease could make an entry once again. Expect small pox every other disease is active in some part of the world.