Cycling is one of the things most people enjoy doing. Even though most people have a car to commute and move around, many have bought bicycles to simply cycle and move around. While we enjoy it when we are riding and cycling, the exercise provides tremendous benefits to the body.

For people who are obese, cycling is one the best way to burn fats, relax the muscles and get lean muscles. Cycling provides holistic benefits to the body by improving the lower part of the body, strengthening the core and helping the body to stay alert and assertive.

Due to the tremendous benefits of cycling, personal training institutions have developed ways and means to harness the art of cycling to improve and enhance the health of a person. This has led to the creation and develop of the indoor cycling industry.

Types of Cycling

Basically, there are two kinds of cycling exercises, namely:

  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Indoor Cycling (Spinning

Outdoor Cycling

Outdoor cycling involves getting a bike and riding outside—on the lanes either early in the morning or just after week. Regular outdoor cycling has been proven to produce a cardio effect, burn calories and improve the general health and wellbeing of a person. It is one of the easiest form of exercise which comes with fun and excitement.

But due to the pressure of day-to-day work activities, most people hardly ride their bike around. They drive to work and drive back home, take their supper and go to bed. Thus, there is less activity and cycling exercise to enhance the body.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling has become a special field in the personal training business. Today, most fitness organization such as NETA – National Exercise Trainers Association have specialized in providing indoor cycling certifications to personal fitness trainers to help people develop their specialty in this field.

In simple words, indoor cycling is the exercise of riding on stationary bikes indoors. It is commonly referred as spinning since it involves cruising or pedaling a bike in a stationary position. But the exercise is also referred as a field in personal training which involves the assistance of indoor cycling specialist, spinning class and workout sessions for one person or a group of people in a gym or at home.

Fitness training organizations such as NETA – National Exercise Trainers Association have focused on training, certifying and providing accreditation to personal fitness trainers who want to specialize in this field, either as personal spinning trainer or as a group spinning class trainer.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, there are over thirty-five (35) million Americans who have been noted to be indoor cycling enthusiasts. This underscores the fact that people understand the value of cycling and realize that it is one the simplest way for them to burn fats and improve their health without breaking their bank on expensive fitness and training programs.