The veins in our body blood vessels which may get affected in some people. The normal veins when become swollen are termed as thread veins. The thread veins are a mild modification of another condition called varicose veins. However, just like varicose veins, thread veins can also be painful and may cause mild discomfort. These thread veins are not very harmful but in some cases, a prolonged condition may lead to other health concerns and other illnesses. This article deals with providing information on thread veins and how they can be treated.

Thread veins and their treatment

As the condition of thread veins is more likely to affect and occur in the veins of the legs, it can cause a lot of uneasiness while walking and standing. These are also called as spider veins due to their appearance which resembles spiders. The Thread vein treatment can include various options for the patients and they are explained in the passages to follow.

Laser Treatment: Veins smaller than 3 millimeters can be closed using a laser technique. The vein needs to be closer to the surface of the skin to be operated upon using this method. A strong beam of light in the form of laser is passed through the area which is affected by the thread vein, causing it to clot and eventually dry up.

EVLT or endogenous laser therapy: This method requires the help of anesthesia to be performed. The doctor makes a small cut along the vein to insert the laser fiber which causes the vein to collapse due to the high heat. Within a few months, the condition can completely heal.

Psychotherapy: This procedure is instrumental in reducing the swelling and discomfort. It requires injecting an irritant into the vein which causes the vein to stick together till it completely disappears. The technique may require repeated and multiple sessions to heal the condition of thread veins completely. Owing to the effect of the technique, it is also referred to as the closure system.

Home remedies and other measures: Besides these medical treatments, there are a lot of home remedies which and other remedial procedures which a person can undertake to prevent and treat the thread veins. These include wearing a compression stocking which can smoother out the blood flow in the legs. Likewise, for men, compression socks can be helpful and be a deterrent in the condition of thread veins.

These are some of the procedures which can be undertaken by individuals who have been facing a painful situation for years. By adopting methods in daily life to keep away thread veins, they can very well reduce the occurrences of these veins.