Blood Pressure

If you have been diagnosed with blood pressure or a regular blood pressure patient, you might be worried about your health. A fluctuating blood pressure can be a sign of or may lead to many serious ailments, which absolutely terrifies many of us. Due to the reason that BP is the root cause of evil, most of us start taking medications to either bring the number or to take it up. However, what most of us tend to forget is that it is in the simple things we do every day and the lifestyle we follow that our blood pressure can be normalized and stabilized. If you control your everyday habits, see where you are going wrong, and start taking preventive measures on time, you might be able to reduce the need to take frequent medications. This is what you should want, and what your end goal should be. Cut back on your daily alcohol intake, avoid too much caffeine and see where your new drinking and eating habits lead you. Similarly, sodium and anything that has to do with sodium should be reduced from your diet by a great margin. Quit smoking completely! This can’t be emphasized enough, because smoking is the pathway to many evils that might be making their place in your body. These were some of the necessary elements, now let’s take a thorough look at what more you need to follow for reducing that ever escalating blood pressure.

Lose Extra Weight by Exercising:

One of the common reasons for the increase in blood pressure is the increase in weight. Most of the people don’t know that being overweight cause disruption in breathing too, which means that your blood pressure increases as well. To control blood pressure, shedding extra pounds is one of the most effective ways. You will not only get over obesity, which is harmful in general, but your lifestyle will improve by a reduced blood pressure. You can reduce your blood pressure by nearly 1 millimeter of mercury with each kilogram. That is a good figure. Keep an eye on your waistline too, and see if it is expanding. Take your waist measurements and control them too. Exercise regularly, and always keep a BP Monitor with you to check your progress. Make 30 minutes’ walk mandatory for you, and see how your blood pressure starts to normalize within no time. You must consult your doctor for finalizing an exercise program.

Eat A Healthy Diet:

Do consider your diet and making appropriate changes in it. Try to include a diet that has vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products in appropriate quantity. Eating this food can lower your blood pressure by up to 11mm Hg. It won’t be easy for you to adopt lifestyle changes, but follow some easy tips to inculcate them. Start off by keeping a diary, where you write down what you eat so you can monitor your eating habits. Eat fruits and vegetables, because they are a high source of potassium and it can lessen the effects sodium on your blood pressure. Buy a simple BP Monitor so you can observe the effects of food on your body, and become a smart shopper by reading food labels while buying the products so you can stick to your eating plan.

Eliminate Stress:

Chronic stress, depression and anxiety are all major contributors towards high blood pressure. Not just these, but occasional stress can also lead to a spike in your BP levels. Take your time to figure out what’s causing you stress and eliminate it from your routine. Consider various ways through which you can overcome those problems and focus on controlling them. Make some time out of your routine to relax, do the activities you love, and practice yoga & meditation so you can eliminate the stress toxins out of your body.

Continue monitoring your blood pressure and consult the doctor regularly, especially when you aren’t feeling well. Don’t try to take support and seek help from your friends and family whenever you are down on health and feeling low. This support encourages you to adopt healthy lifestyle changes and embark on an exercise program. Just be aware and vigilant about your lifestyle, and you wouldn’t have to take medicine ever again.