Cleaning is definitely a bothersome chore sometimes, especially when you have been ignoring it for a while. It is understandable to feel this way about it, because it requires a lot of time and effort to provide your home with a dust-free environment. Not only that, but you have to perform it on a regular basis, often times when you have very little time or when you feel you would rather be doing something else.

While it is true that home cleaning is certainly difficult, that doesn’t mean it is an activity you should ignore, simply because it has great benefits. For one, it is the only way to guarantee your home environment is cleared of annoying allergens and the living conditions are perfect. One more benefit, which you might have never considered is that home cleaning as a whole can be turned into a very effective workout. Instead of going to the gym, you can spend some time in your home with the cleaning gear and you will feel the calories get burned like never before. Here is what you can do to make your cleaning workout a true success:

  • Play music in the background – pretty much every gym you walk into has music in the background, while everyone inside is working out. Music can truly energise you and make you want to move around. It can get you in the mood for an effective workout. Home cleaning with music is so much easier than you could possibly imagine and makes it so that your cleaning-workout is a success.
  • Pick up the pace – now, if you are just walking around doing your carpet cleaning like it’s a walk in the park, your workout is not going to be very effective. You need to be more dynamic about it, increase the pace at which you clean, but at the same time keep your focus so that your work is effective. You need to challenge your body in such a way that will burn calories and help you stay in shape.
  • Work against the clock – you can add some motivation to your cleaning by simply including a timer and trying to work against it. Set an amount of time that is challenging enough and finish a cleaning chore before it ends. Your home cleaning will be so much more rewarding in terms of effort and calories burned then. It is important to keep the work challenging, but at the same time effective – you are performing your home cleaning after all, you want to be effective about it, not overlook all the small details.
  • Include weights in your cleaning routine – undoubtedly home cleaning is already challenging enough for your body, but you can take things one step further by adding ankle and wrist weights. They make movement more difficult and truly boost the effect of any task you are engaged in. Just keep in mind that this comes very close to a real workout session – you should consider regular breaks and no further activity if you feel any discomfort.

Cleaning as a workout is truly possible, if you set your mind to it and implement these 4 simple tips. You will certainly feel better about it then and be more motivated than ever. Read more at: