Gymnasium has gained immense popularity these days as people have become more health and fitness conscious. Treadmill and elliptical machines tops the list of the most important machines which are needed in all the gym setup. As investment in these machines involves a good amount of money you need to know about the best available choice and then decide according to your budget and requirements.

Top 5 treadmills for gym use:


There are large number companies who are known for manufacturing different types of treadmills. Below given is a list of the top five treadmills for gym use.

  1. Landice L7:

This workout machine perfect for professional runners as it has very powerful motor and 20 –by-58 inch stride. It is very stable and has well cushion to support. Its stability and durability is what makes its best for gym use.

  1. SoleFitness F80 :

It is known for its powerful motor and stands out among all. It is the first choice of runners who trains on daily basis. It has a permanent incline making your workout more effective.

  1. ProForm 505 :

It offers an endless number of workout options along with foldable option. Its array of features makes it a perfect choice for gym use.

  1. Lifespan fitness TR 3000i:

It is considered to be the safest treadmill. The biomechanical suspension of the deck makes it easy on your joints. The machine is suitable for people with all ages and fitness levels.

  1. Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0:

This machine can be trusted for regular workout. It is good for walking as well as jogging .It comes along with fixed incline which makes the belt to move easier.

Besides the above given, Nordic Track Treadmill are also good choice when it comes to gym use as these machines offers multiple options along with array of features.

Top 5 elliptical for gym use:

  1. Sole fitnessE95:

It is well known for its sturdiness although it is on the higher range. It is best for users of any fitness level as it provides comfort and stability.


  1. Octane fitness Q35c:

It features ergonomics drive that reduces stress on joints and is one of the best and expensive elliptical. It targets specific parts of your body thus making the workout more effective.

  1. AFG 3.1 AE:

It exhibits biomechanical aspects and offers a wide range of incline and resistance making it a good choice for gym use.


  1. Schwinn 470:

The machine features 29 workout programs and 21 resistance level. It is value for money as it offers multiple programs within affordable budget.


  1. Horizon Fitness EX 59-02:

It simulates the movement and exerts less pressure on knees and joints. It is an entry level machine as it offers 10 workout programs but is suitable for users of all ages and fitness level.

Besides the above given elliptical models, bowflex max trainer also proves to be a good choice for gyms as it offers intense and complete body workout.