Gaining weight is really a difficult task if compared to losing weight. There is a huge number of people including skinny teenagers, underweight adults who search the ways of gaining weight over the internet every day. Some of the sites include hard weight training while some say just increase your diet but is that enough? Certainly not. Here is a skinny guys guide to gaining mass. Here is a step by step instruction guide.

Eat more and often: Whether it’s about gaining or losing weight, one’s diet is the most important factor. Plan your daily meals or make a timely schedule called a diet chart. For skinny guys, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner is simply not enough, one has to intake much more. Must include the fatty and more protein foods such as dry fruits, peanut butter, oats, rice and green veggies in your diet. Don’t confuse the junk food with fatty foods.

Track your Calories: almost every skinny guy thinks he/she eat sufficient but still could not gain weight but the truth is calculated your actual calories with an app available in all the app stores. This will give the approximate idea of your calories intake. This will help in planning diet as well as in keeping track of your food intake. Check how much you need to eat more and what will be beneficial for you.

Improve lifestyle: Here lifestyle refers to bad habits such as drinking and smoking. Try to smoke less as possible and try to consume less alcohol. Alcoholic habits will surely deviate you from your weight gaining goals. A heavier beer will be ok for you.

Regular Exercise: After the diet, the important part comes to the exercise. Your exercise routine is a major factor in gaining weight. Lift weights which will help in gaining muscles. Muscle growth implies gain in weight. Don’t ignore the warm-up in case of lifting heavy weights so you don’t end up in getting injured. Go for 8 to 12 reps per set.

Supplements: There is a wide variety of weight gaining supplements, hence choosing the right and the perfect one for you becomes a difficult and important decision. Supplements mean in addition, don’t replace it with your actual diet. Have a good research before taking any kind of supplement as some can have an adverse effect too.This was the complete skinny guys’ guide to gaining mass having basic and easy steps. Gaining weight process revolves around these five steps only.