Let us accept it, we all have tried and failed in staying committed to portion control when it comes to diet plans. We all have read those portion control tips that urges us to eat and dividing a meal. But, how many of us have stayed honest with the diet resolution? We start our diet plan with ample motivation but suddenly we find the motivation and excitement fading away after some days.

If you are trying to lose weight, the HCG diet plan could be the one for you. There are many users who found it to be effective. The HCG drop, according to the users, is very effective but portion control can be difficult on HCG diets. Not just in HCG diet, portion control is a difficult when it comes to any diet program.

If you are struggling to control the portions, read on. In this article we discuss tips that help you stay committed to your diet.

Make your doctor your weight supervisor – Before jumping on to any diet be sure to consult your doctor and share your intentions. Your doctor is the person who knows your health conditions the best. Your doctor can help you choose the best diet plan for you according to your health conditions. Suppose your cholesterol levels are high, your doctor might prohibit you from going on an Atkins or Keto diet. Your doctor will also tell you the healthy pace of losing weight. A rapid loss of weight may come with health complications for most of the people. When you involve your doctor in your weight loss resolution you’ll get a supervisor who can hold you accountable. It would really be embarrassing when your doctor asks you about your diet plan and you have to answer that you missed following it. And, the fear of getting embarrassed will keep you reminded of your resolution.

Don’t let it go boring – If you are not enjoying your foods you are not going to stick to the diet routine. In fact, you can also get involved in emotional eating after breaking your diet routine. So, don’t miss a single chance to make your diet tasteful. If you follow someone else’s diet plan you are not going to succeed. Create your own food chart in accordance with your lifestyle and taste of food. You can, obviously, search online for recipes that suit your taste bud as well as the calorie and nutrition you need according to your diet plan. Let them say that eggs are best for breakfast if you don’t like don’t pick it up. What you need to do is know what nutrition an egg can give you and then search for an alternate food with the same nutrient. Believe me, everything has its alternative, you just need to search for it.

Always keep some eatable with you – It might sound weird that we are suggesting you to always have something to eat when you are trying to stick to a diet. No diet is about starving yourself. If someone suggests that, ditch that diet and all suggestions from the person. Hunger and thirst are natural urges which you should not ignore. What you need to do is attend to these natural urges smartly. When you feel hungry you should neither starve yourself nor start eating anything mindlessly. You should always have some healthy snacks or fruits with you. Whenever you feel hungry munch on those healthy snacks and fruits. You can also trick your psychological hunger by drinking plenty of water.

Celebrate your little victories – Regardless of age, gender and nationality every individual loves to be appreciated. And, nothing is as motivating as the appreciations. So, don’t forget to give yourself some appreciations for your small victories. Keep a track of your entire day’s diet. When you successfully follow your diet plan for one whole day, reward yourself with something you love. But please, don’t make it a point to break your diet by munching on candy bars or a packet of noodles. The reward should be something unrelated to diet, let’s say one extra hug from your partner or an evening visit to the nearby park. Obviously, you can have a little big celebration once your doctor tells, you are doing great.

Don’t punish yourself if you get off your track – We hope that you will succeed in sticking to your diet plan. But, sometimes things may get off-track. Please don’t start cursing or punishing yourself. Don’t go in that negative bubble of ‘I am worthless, I cannot do a thing right’. Stop and think what made you break such a good habit. Tell yourself that this good habit is going to give you many long-term benefits in addition to shedding off some extra pounds. Tell yourself that failing once or twice does not make you a loser. You will be the loser the day you stop trying. Prepare yourself mentally and get started once again with double enthusiasm.

Know the balancing rule – You might know that diet is one part of the equation and physical activity is the other significant part. Here we are discussing the diet part, a good diet to be very specific. But, there are some bad diets that form an integral part of our food preference. Do you need to ditch them all? No! Dieting is all about moderation, not deprivation. If there’s a junk food you love you do not need to completely remove it from your diet. You just need to bring its consumption to the minimum level. Say you love noodles and cannot live without them. You are allowed to take a small portion each week. But make it a rule to run an extra mile for each small serving of noodles. This balancing rule ensures that you’ll gradually develop a healthy routine and stick to it.

We believe in you and we know you will stay true to your commitment to the diet and your resolution to a healthy lifestyle. Get going!