I have not had any idea of what a nail fungal infection was until I was able to experience it myself. I am a very active person, which is why I immediately consulted a clinic that specializes in fungal nail infection treatment after I felt a discomfort on my toenails. I do not want to tolerate any underlying problem, and I do not want the infection to get worst.

I am a member of a local basketball team in Singapore, and that’s why I am very strict when it comes to my body regimen and diet. I am also very conscious about my hygiene, and I want to look fresh everyday. But one of the problem that I did not notice quickly was I do not wear socks whenever I jog every morning. This was not the smartest move, as my feet were exposed to different foot bacteria.

I jog almost every morning without socks, thus my toenails are exposed to moisture and sweat of my feet, and since my shoes are really tight, there was very little space for the moisture to escape. This constant mistake has resulted to dry skin, and my nails started to change color. But I did not bother to fix this issue then.

I did some home remedies to somehow combat the changing color of my toenails. I kept my feet dry as possible and waited for several weeks for my nails to go back to its normal color, but nothing happened. I just noticed that after weeks, my toenails started to thicken and became hard to cut. Also, my toenails started releasing a very bad odor. It was really disgusting and frustrating.

I was so frustrated that I did not know what to do anymore. I did not know how to address the problem and solve my toenails woes. That’s when I finally decided to go online and seek help for a proper medication. Then I saw a clinic that provides a comprehensive nail fungus treatment. I need to resolve this problem because I do not want to be branded as the man with a bad foot odor.

I decided to consult ECPC, a clinic that specializes on foot and ankle problems and fungal nail infection treatment. East Coast Podiatry Clinic has resolved my foot and ankle problems over the years, and they are one Singapore’s most trusted clinic when it comes to resolving several foot problems.

The clinic is really devoted to early diagnosis, management and treatment of different diseases and disorders affecting the foot and lower extremities. They are experts in resolving problems like diabetic foot wounds and help patients to avoid any amputation. Thus they are the best to solve my fungal nail infection.

So there I went to ECPC’s clinic where I can have my nail fungus treatment, and their clinic staff greeted me with and gladly brought me to their podiatrist to evaluate my problem. They have evaluated me well and decided right there to have a fungal treatment since my infection got worse each passing day.

The foot and ankle expert then decided to formulate a treatment for me that will remove the bacteria from my toenails. The treatment lasted for just almost a month.

After several sessions, it did not take long to get my feet back to normal again. The treatment did not require me to undergo any injection and surgery. Thus, it was very cost effective. ECPC really helped me to resolve my nail fungus problem. I am definitely going to consult them again for any future foot problem.