Slimming down can be stressful. So many people get impatient when they don’t get the results they want within a couple of weeks. Slimming down takes time and consistency – you can’t eat a few salads and think that you’re going to get to where you want to be! Here are some important things to remember when you’re trying to slim down:

You Can’t Use the 5:2 Principal

So many people use the 5:2 principal when slimming down. Not everybody does this on purpose – they just don’t realise what a bad effect it can have on their efforts. They stick to their diet and exercise routine for 5 whole days – perfect! Then they binge on the weekend. They eat and drink pretty much whatever they want. Even just a small surplus can set you right back in your efforts. Allow yourself a small treat, but make sure it isn’t undoing all of your hard work.

It Isn’t Just About Calories

Counting calories can all be part of getting the body you want, but it isn’t just about those. If that were the case, you could fill up on chocolate and get a ripped body. But you can’t. You need to use nutritional foods along with calorie/macro counting to get the body you desire.

It Isn’t Just About Clean Food

Lots of people think that because they eat clean, they should get the body they want. However, they don’t realise that they are eating too much clean food. Clean food alone will not get you the body you want either. You can drink all of the green tea sour sop you like, but you won’t get the results if you’re not paying attention to everything else too. This is why it’s essential to pair both clean food and calorie counting.

You Need to Monitor Accurately

If you’re not monitoring your progress accurately, you’ll never know if what you’re doing is really working. You don’t just monitor the change on the scales! The scales are just a small part of it all, as they can be very inaccurate too. Your weight can fluctuate by about 5 pounds on any given day, for silly reasons. If you must weigh yourself, do it on the same day at the same time each week. Make sure all the variables are the same, like the time, clothes you wore, empty stomach etc. This is the only accurate way to measure your weight. You should also measure yourself with a tape measure in the same conditions, as your weight may have stayed the same but you may have lost inches! Who cares about weight if those inches are coming off?

It’s a Lifestyle Change

You can’t do this for a few months, get great results and then go back the way you were. You’ll probably undo all of your hard work and then some! Get in the right mindset and make it a lifestyle change. Your daily routine should be sustainable, so you don’t mind doing it for life.

Keep things in mind and you’ll do well!