While most people are aware of the physical benefits that yoga offers, the spiritual side is often overlooked, and with the right course and teacher, it is possible to become more in touch with your inner self. Anyone who signs up for a yoga course with only a fitter physique in mind, is only scraping the surface of the mystical eastern practice, and by embracing meditation and other techniques, it is possible to find the inner you.


Course Availability

There are yoga classes suitable for all in Manchester, with specific courses that help to develop the participant in a spiritual way, and with meditation a key part of the course, you will learn how to relax your conscious mind and make contact with your subconscious, or inner self. We all have busy schedules to keep, and with this in mind, most yoga centres have multiple courses on different days and times, to accommodate everyone.

Spiritual Guide

Your yoga instructor will be your spiritual mentor and asking questions is encouraged, as it is essential to fully understand the deeper aspects of yoga. Most people will stay with one instructor, as they build up a rapport, and with regular meetings and discussions, you can begin to meditate at home, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Self Awareness

It is essential to cultivate spiritual awareness within the practitioner, and this is achieved with group meditation sessions, along with discussions within the group. You will gradually become more aware of an inner energy you possess, and for many people, this is a spiritual awakening that changes their lives for the better. Eastern cultures have long been using spirituality as a means of making life a more pleasant experience, and this practice is now being followed by many westerners, who are also reaping the spiritual benefits of yoga.

Mind Control

This technique allows you to be the master of your conscious mind, and for many people, the mind races off on its own, without any control imposed by the person, and this leads to mental fatigue and frustration. When you are in control of your mind, you decide what you think about, and the ability to do this will allow you to filter out any negative thoughts and not allow your mind to wander down negative and pointless paths.

Pushing Through the Pain Barrier

When you are sitting in specific poses for extended periods, you will soon reach the pain barrier, and you will surprise yourself by being able to withstand this and gradually, your pain tolerance will become so high that you can hold a pose indefinitely and feel little or no discomfort. Yoga follows no religion and there is no worship to any god, rather the exercises are designed to help you get in touch with your spiritual self, and with the right instruction, progress is quick.

The spiritual side of yoga enables many people to deal with the stresses and strains of modern life, and with many yoga centres around the country, you too, can begin to get in touch with your inner spirit.