Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

The practice of physical therapy can help a patient improve his or her state of mobility and physical function. A doctor may suggest that a patient undertake physical therapy after undergone some form of surgery or long-term injury treatment to hasten the healing process. Physical therapists or PTs as they are commonly known, will work closely with patients until they regain their full fitness. A typical recovery process involves teaching the patient how to manage their conditions.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Practice and Benefits

The main goal of a licensed physical therapist is to assist patient’s regain their strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. A physical therapist can use a number of treatment procedures to achieve these goals; for example, using techniques that require the application of electrical, ultrasound and hot and cold water stimulation. This is in addition to education and use of manual therapy. The PT goal of improving the patient’s state of health, mobility and well-being can go a long way to improve a patient’s quality of life and the ability to work and earn a living. A healthy patient can subsequently pursue happiness through numerous leisure activities. The practice of physical therapy places a lot of emphasize on exercising. For this reason, a PT may suggest that a patient carry out various exercises at home, after leaving the hospital. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of undertaking a physical therapy treatment remains the fact that this form of treatment can act as a good alternative to surgery or taking prescription medication for various conditions.

Physical Therapist Employment Opportunities in Lanham Maryland

The city of Lanham Maryland, is located about 9 miles from Washington DC, this city is home to a fast growing health care sectors that is constantly in need of highly trained physical therapy professionals and trainees. This is the reason why physical therapy Lanham Maryland outpatient clinics alongside the hospitals are at the forefront of absorbing the highest number of PT professionals and trainees. Aside from the hospital, where about 20% of physical therapist ply their trade nationally, most physical therapists can find employment in education and research centers, various workplaces, fitness centers, hospices, homes and schools.

Physical Therapy Education Requirements

To qualify as a physical therapist, you need to possess a graduate degree in a physical therapy program offered by an accredited higher learning institution. However, the rigors of today’s physical therapy career demands that a student poses a masters or a clinical doctorate from a school with an accredited PT program. To receive a physical therapy licensure, a student must sit and pass a state administered national PT exam. Students must also adhere to the aforementioned state regulations and acts that govern PT training and practice.