Pregnancy is a bittersweet experience in the life of most women. It is the threshold into motherhood and the joy of watching your baby grow is beyond words. At the same time it is the time to bid adieu to life how you knew it. There is always a schedule to follow which suits the children, but leaves hardly any time for the mother to have some ‘me’ time. The body post pregnancy takes the maximum beating. Sagging breasts, loose abdomen muscles, tires or love handles around the waist, back pains, overall loss of muscle tone and not to forget the loose vaginal muscles are some of the common problems one have to suffer from post pregnancy.

Keeping your body in shape

What the body needs is regular exercise of the key problematic areas. The following are a few exercises to regain the body that once belonged to you. All that is required is to take some time out on a daily basis to focus on your health and fitness.

Exercises for the post pregnancy body

Kegel exercises – The vagina takes the most beating after childbirth, especially during vaginal deliveries. Thus, it requires muscle tightening exercises using kegel weights. Owing to pregnancy, childbirth, weight gain and aging, the pelvic muscles of the vagina tend to become weak and loose. These muscles support the urinary bladder, bowels and the womb. Thus, weakened muscles lower these organs into the vagina leading to several problems, such as incontinence. Pelvic floor exercises or kegel exercises are therefore highly recommended to help strengthen these muscles.

Finding the right muscles can be a little tricky initially. But if using weights, they make it easier to focus on the right muscles. Care must be taken to observe that the abdomen and muscles of the buttocks are relaxed during these pelvic exercises.

Exercises for abdomen muscles – A flat stomach post pregnancy is a gift naturally bestowed only to a privileged few women. The rest have to work their ‘abs off’ to get a flatter tummy.

  • Crunches are the best known exercise for your abdominal muscles.
  • Deep belly breathing accompanied by tightening of abdomen or contracting the muscles helps tone up the abs.
  • Apart from that a few yoga asanas are known to help strengthen abdominal muscles too.
  • Shoulder lifts, head lifts and curl ups are helpful for the back muscles along with the abs too.
  • Walking is good to achieve general, overall fitness. You can start off with gentle walking and slowing increase the intensity. Later backward walking and zipzag walking can be inculcated into the routine too.

Before starting to workout

These exercises are not for those who have just given birth a few days or weeks ago. Once you and the baby are settled into a routine, you can start with exercises. These are to help tone up and regain some of your previous body stats. You could even include your baby in certain exercises such that you get to spend time with the little one and get some exercise done too. However, care must be taken if trying to include the baby in the workout. The workout will have to be altered to suit both of you.

Attaining the pre-pregnancy body should not be a distant dream. It is achievable once a schedule is set for the babies. All you need is a little relaxation, proper diet and exercises to go back to your previous figure and vitality.

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