Traumatic brain injury or TBI is a serious kind of injury. It happens when external forces cause dysfunction in brain. Usually a forceful blow against the skull results in TBI. Object piercing the skull can also cause this injury. Mild TBI can lead to brain dysfunction on temporary basis. In case of serious TBI, the person might suffer from long term complications or might even die.

Dr. Curtis Cripe has been treating TBI patients for a long time. He knows the difficulties that the patients go through. He knows how the familiar world suddenly change with just one blow to the head. The difficulties these people go through are heart breaking and in such a serious situation they need the assistance of a friend or a guide. Treating such patients is difficult because they don’t only go through physical injuries. They go through psychological injuries as well. Life turns upside down for these people.

brain injury consequences

With time the physical problems grow to become emotional problem. Such injuries change the way people express themselves or the way they communicate with others. They suffer from extreme mood swings. It becomes difficult for them to control emotion which affect everyone surrounding them.

The mood swings are often the result of damage around the brain area. However, sometimes such events are triggered without any proper reason. This is what the families of such patient find puzzling. Dr. Curtis Cripe says to deal with such situations carefully. The person with TBI is not being able to function properly. But, the family can think and indulge into rational behavior. Therefore, it is important that the family keeps their peace of mind while dealing with such emotional bouts. Otherwise the patients will be more upset.

There are cases when TBI causes the patients to start crying without reason. They might begin to laugh as well. The outbursts most of the cases don’t have any connection to the feeling of the patients. Only a therapist will be able to help treating such behavioral disorders.

The good news is such behavior improves with proper treatment. TBI requires medication treatment to heal the damaged area of the brain. However, there is a deep emotional injury gets associated with the physical one. Treating this psychological wound becomes the main problem. Without the help of a therapist with experience acquiring success in this task is difficult.

So, when should you get in touch with a therapist? When to talk to someone with experience in counselling patients with TBI?

If the person forgets simple things like dates or names after a brain injury, it might be important to talk to a doctor without delay. Sluggish thinking, speaking or reading is another sign that the person needs help. If the patients is getting lost in the familiar surrounding or getting confused easily, a therapist must be called to discuss the problem.

Curtis Cripe says the problems associated with TBI get worse because people fail to get treatment when there is still time. Each moment delayed waiting, makes the patients lose themselves even more. Therefore, don’t waste time in seeking help.