Medical field uses a lot of technologies in order to provide the best service to the patient and they are trying to save their time with the equipments. The surgical equipments and the machines are the important things to perform various operations in the human body to cure the diseases.  There are lots of machines are there to be used in critical operations and using the proper equipment for the proper surgery can only save the patient from the danger.  In earlier days doctors were using only the manual surgical equipments and due to the technology development now they are using the best electrical surgery tools which are so easier to handle and reduces the pain to the patients.

Why it is used?

Our human structure is fully covered with the natural protective layer called skin and it is not a simple task to open it with bare hands. Operating any organs with the unrelated machine will either cause a severe blood loss over there or cause unbearable pain to the patients. So the scientists have discovered a special medical equipment for the surgery called surgical blades which has different shapes to operate or intersect the human physique. With the help of these blades doctors are operating our organs and find the damaged or malfunctioning parts to cure it.

Types and benefits:

Basically surgery blades are used mostly in the three fields of medical operations, industries and in the arts & craft work. The use of surgery blades is compulsory to do different tasks from this field where they cannot other devices for their minute operations. The surgical blades are called scalpel or lancet in the medical field which is extremely sharp to perform the task of anatomical dissection.  Artist need such blades to create their miniature toys or any kind or craft work which requires the sharp blade to cut the proper edges and here these blades are called as hobby knife. In the market it is available in two types normally called single use disposable or re-useable for the surgical operations. Medical expert use the single use disposable blades for some critical operation like brain tumor and will dispose them immediately because the blades are meant to made for a one time use.

This site has classified the various blades and its type for knowing the purpose of it to the users and they can get an awareness of this topic. All the blades are categorized based on its size and its purpose so professional identify the blade type based on the size of it. Blade no 10 is a traditional blade with the curved cutting edge used to make small incisions in the skin and muscles. Blade no 11 is an elongated triangular blade with the sharp edge with a tip used to stab incisions in the chest drains. Blade no 36 is a considered as the large blade which is generally used for the surgery and all we can find various surgical blades in the stores and each of them is used for some particular purposes.