Toothache is one of the leading causes of dental pain worldwide. When people suffer from a toothache, the pain can be chronic and can deeply affect the quality of life. Pain medication will only do so much to improve the level of pain, and it is a short term solution until a dental appointment can be made.


Causes of Toothache and Dental Pain

If you suffer or have ever suffered from chronic toothache, you will understand that seeing a leading dentist as quickly as possible is the key to a pain free life. But what causes toothache? There are a number of potential causes of toothache and dental pain, including but not limited to:

  • Nerve pain: Your teeth contain nerves that can sometimes become painful. Some people experience this when they eat hot or cold foods, and they have sensitive teeth that cause some discomfort in reaction to the temperature of the food. In cases where the nerve is damaged, diseased or infected, root canal treatment is often the only solution to tooth pain. In this treatment, the dentist will actually remove the nerves inside the teeth. This provides permanent relief from the nerve pain and from the toothache.
  • Tooth decay and plaque: When you allow plaque to build up on and around your teeth, you risk the formation of holes in your teeth. This can lead to nerve problems, so it is always best to see a dentist to have the tooth decay assessed and treated. Tooth decay is often a problem in children who lack good habitual dental hygiene. It is wise for them to see a dentist that is experienced in treating the teeth of children and then educating them on how to best keep their teeth clean and what foods to avoid.

Cosmetic Dental Services to Improve Your Life

Even though many people only associate dentists with tooth decay and root canal treatment, most good dentists also offer cosmetic treatments with the promise of improved smiles. If you’ve suffered from unsightly brown spots on your teeth, misaligned teeth, gaps due to missing teeth, or any one of a number of other largely aesthetic problems, imagine the newfound self-confidence that you’ll feel when an experienced dentist offers life-changing treatments such as the following:

  • Tooth whitening: For many people, the fact that they have brown spots or stains on their teeth causes social embarrassment and self-confidence issues. Many professional dentists offer fast and safe tooth whitening treatments.
  • Dental implants: Likewise, for those who have missing teeth, perhaps due to a sports injury or tooth decay, quality dental implants can really improve their lives and appearance. Being able to flash a smile of full white teeth is a godsend for many people, and the effects on self-esteem and confidence should never be underestimated!

Regular Check-Ups Are the Key

Even though many people wait to see a dentist until they are in some degree of pain, it is always wise to see a dentist on a regular basis, so that they have a dental record established and can pick up any dental problems before they become bigger.