Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is characterized by the chronic habitual intake of alcohol or drugs to such an extent that the individual’s is incapable of continuing with a normal social life and his overall health deteriorates. This addiction over a period of time results in an addiction at a physical as well as a psychological level. Unfortunately identifying the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction is pretty difficult as they are very menial and often include traits like:

  • A steadily increasing tolerance to alcohol
  • An increasing interest in Alcohol
  • Denial of getting habituated
  • Sneaking a few pegs
  • “Downing” a drink rapidly

Drug addiction on the other hand is a very serious, costly and societal issue and is defined in more ways than one except for one common ground  and that is the inability of an individual to get rid of the drug or stopping the use of a particular drug. Some symptoms that are helpful in forming atleast a tentative diagnosis include (but are not limited to):

  • The need to consume increasing quantities owing to tolerance levels building up
  • Craving or withdrawal symptoms upon trying to stop using the drug
  • The need to continue usage despite visible problems cropping up

As against alcohol most drug users’ fall for this habit in their adolescent years often starting with an experiment, they end up in an abyss of addiction with a majority of them ending up in rehabilitation centers like the Arizona Drug Rehab.

Getting into a rehab program and Rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation centers range from a small designated ward in a hospital to separate humongous structures designed especially to accommodate addicts for drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation and most typically are equipped with:

  • Medical Services: Both Regular as well as those that might involve emergency situations.
  • Different types of counselling, for patient as well as for family members if required
  • Follow up or aftercare programs once the patient is out of rehabilitation.

The treatment process may be initiated either at a full-fledged center or as an outpatient, Treatment at a center is generally for those who are severe abusers and may not have a safe living environment or home to go to whereas, depending upon severity and affordability, treatment may be administered on an outpatient basis as well, this aspect is particularly beneficial for those with a family. There are many rehab centers that offer such facilities. One such center is the drug rehab in Arizona that not only caters to drug abuse on different levels but also tries to ensure that the addict undergoing treatment attains a structured and sober approach towards life. Coming to the alcohol treatment protocol, the need for admission into rehabilitation center is mostly dependent upon the history of the individual, again, it is not a mandate as such and would emphasize on the “Detox” part in the initial stages. All though there are different treatment modalities available, the best course of action is to have a stern self-control and the insight to steer clear of certain things in life.