Many of you may have heard people speaking about dental implants. It is said to be the best option to replace missing teeth. They succeed a great while when compared to any other tooth procedure while they also have a long life, you can say more than your natural teeth, but proper care is needed. Some of you might not be clear about what accurately are dental implants. So let’s see it further.

A tooth picture we commonly see has two chief parts, the crown and the root. In dental implant, the root part is replaced with a metal that is inserted in the jawbone. This is followed by crown restoration. In this, a covering tooth crown is made that looks, feels and functions same as your natural tooth. All this together makes a dental implant complete.

Titanium metal involved in the implant has a special property. It is called Osseo- integration i.e. it integrates with the existing bone of the jaw. This is important since it allows implant to function and looks good for the remaining lifetime and ultimately this is what we all expect.


Worth of dental implants

Dental implants are reconstructing smiles since long years along with startling results. However, many of them think are they worth it. The answer is different for everyone. A healthy person, who has enough bone that can hold an implant, can go for dental implants. If your jawbone cannot hold the implant, you can go for bone grafting. However, everyone who undergoes an implant should keep up a good oral hygiene. Heavy smokers are not advised dental implants by implant dentist since it is unsafe for them.

Steps of dental implants –

  • The first step is to make a suitable treatment plan focusing on your needs.
  • Next is to place the implant into your jaw.
  • Then after 2 to 3 months, the implant sets in your jaw completely and the dentist can proceed to attach the post that will connect the tooth and the implant.
  • After this, a mold is created with your bite for the new tooth.
  • Lastly, the new tooth is affixed to the attached post and the process is completed.

Before I finish, let me tell about the pain during the treatment. Many patients have experienced a less painful dental implant. There is mild pain for few days once the implant is done and it can be cured with medication. However, dental implants need an equal care as the real tooth, but you need not worry about cavities when you have implants.