Have you checked the ultra-streamlined devices, fewer buttons, and more portable disposable vape pens yet? The disposable vape pens have gained the attention of the first time users across the globe for all the benefits it carries. It became the mainstream with major technological advances and is now the best alternative to the chunky eye-catching mods in the world of vaping

Though the box mods, pods and various other types of starter kits are available in the market, across the globe, under 1000s of brand names, the disposable kits have carved out their niche. And the reasons for this are many. Continue reading to find the details about the pocket-friendly disposable vape kits and their other benefits.

The disposable vape kits are now part of the vape essential checklist with the sleek design, shape and size. Apart from the small vape devices sliding inside the pocket, to be hidden comfortably when needed, it functions as the emergency backup as well when your other vape device stops working, run out of e-juice or lose the charge.  Simply carry the disposable pen in your bag pouch or pocket to be substituted when your devices turn you down.

There is a range of disposable vape kits that are custom made based on our customer’s interest. The e-liquid used in the vape pens are of high quality at an affordable price and varying flavours to suit every user needs.

Maintenance of the disposable vape kits

The disposable vape pens such as GeekVape do not need to replace any of their parts, and that is the best part of these devices the customer loves. There is no assembly of the components required, either the filling of e-juice or recharging of the battery. So, it is not right to call the no maintenance vape device with no cleaning required whatsoever.  And it also means that you don’t have to be a vape expert to know how to use it. It comes as a single product to be used as a single user device and disposed of safely when finished.

By now, you might know the disadvantage of disposable vape kits – their size. But the greatest weakness of these products is the greatest strength as well. Because of its small size, it is easier for the users to carry around. Some vapers love the fact that they can even throw away the vape once it is usage is done. The costs for purchasing vape pens from various reputed brands are comparatively much lesser than other devices. Check the Geek Bar Vape for the best quality product at an affordable price.

You can notice the decline in the quantity of the vapour in the device after each puff, and when the vapour gets over, it could be time to be thrown away. The user can enjoy approximately 400-500 puffs from each disposable vape pen.

The nicotine level in the disposable kits

The disposable vape kits offer the quick and efficient kick that the customers are looking for. Most of the disposable vape kits contain ingredients, including nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, and natural and artificial flavours. Some of the pens include benzoic acid to offer a smoother vape sensation without the harsh throat hit.