It might seem shallow or materialistic but getting your hair done before an interview is important. Having a new, great hairstyle for your interview is important for both you and the interviewer. Interviewers like to believe that they are as impartial as possible and judge people based on merit; however, they cannot escape that they’re human. Many people judge people based on their looks even though they often don’t even do it consciously. For example, someone who has a new hairstyle projects an image of confidence and control; he or she looks as if he or she has everything under control. If your hair is messy, you will seem as though you can’t even get a handle on your own appearance. While an interviewer might not consciously think this or even might try to suppress those thoughts, they likely will be there. You are also more confident if you have a great hairstyle.


The confidence you feel when you like your new hairstyle translates into more assertive and confident answers. A hair stylist in Perth can help you grow that confidence. It has been attested by many psychologists that one of the most important features of a good interview is your confidence level. If you are confident and assertive, you will make an interviewer more likely to hire you. You are trying to sell yourself to the interviewer; you wouldn’t buy a product if the salesperson seemed on the fence about its quality. Similarly, an interviewer is less likely to commit to you if you are on the fence about your quality as an employee. A good hairstyle instils that confidence.

Make an Impression

A good hairstyle can also make a positive impression in their minds. The interviewer is more likely to remember a person with hair that was styled in an attractive and professional manner. He or she will be looking back through applications and interview notes and remember the person with the hair that he or she liked. Something that helps you stand out in their minds in such a superficial way could be the thing that puts you over the top in comparison to your competition. While it might seem shallow, it is unavoidable that many humans judge others based on physical characteristics. You can tilt that in your favour with a great hairstyle from a great hairstylist.

Furthermore, you will develop a good rapport with a hairstylist in case you need more work in the future. Since you will likely be going on multiple interviews, having a good hairstylist on call is important; you’ll be able to get your hair fixed whenever you need it. These things are important for your confidence level as well as your ability to get hired. You might find that you have more offers than you are accustomed to after you have a good stylist work on your hair.