Microdermabrasion with a diamond treatment head is a treatment for Skin Rejuvination with a treatment that combines exfoliation with dermal infusion in order to treat individual patient’s skin conditions. This treatment works on a vacuum system that is a closed-loop and does skin exfoliation with the Skin Peel Diamond Head treatment. This occurs at the same time as the physician transports topical dermaceutical at a control level. The entire device is making to polish off the dead and dry parts of the top layer of the skin called the “stratum corneum”. This then leaves the skin with a fresh look while being more hydrated.

Top layer made of pigment and keratin

The top layer of the skin is made of wax called pigment and keratin. The cells produce so much pigment and wax that they push out the live parts of the cells and becomes sheets of flat pigment and wax in order to protect people from the sun as well as water loss. This occurs at the end of their cycle of life. As they move higher, they begin to curl and dry and develop like a large pile of dead leaves. To get rid of them, a diamond bit is then used with very small pieces for a general exfoliation.

Patient has skin filed and exfoliated

The patient then lies on a table while a machine with a wand is connected to the machine. Solution is run through the handle of the wand. The skin is exfoliated and filed with the diamond bit, as a solution washes through the entire time to dust and rinse it at the same time.


Demabrasion is a large surgical procedure that takes the entire “stratum corneum” as well as in some cases also the top of the epidermis, then let it grow back. It grows back being newer and fresher. Microdermabrasion is a method to only take off the dry and dead top.