There is a lot of information concerning fertility in men. The internet is full of facts and fiction. If you are trying to conceive and have set out to explore causes of complications and challenges involved, you have probably come across all of these explanations. Some have scientific back up while some are completely vague and individual opinions. The fact that a person with certain personality or health defect experiences trouble in conceiving does not make it a universal problem. Actually, the only way to ascertain the cause of infertility then embark on a solution is through medical tests.

Here are some of the beliefs around male fertility

Fertility declines with age

This is a fact. After the age of 40, the sperm count and quality dramatically declines in men. This is not a theory; scientists have tested and proved it to be true. After the age of 50, a man is likely to be infertile. No level of wishful thinking can brush this fact away. The exact age of infertility is influenced by different body make up and health of an individual. Some can successfully fertilize at this age but health of the child is usually compromised.

Men should store up sperm during woman’s non-fertile period

There is no scientific proof that regular ejaculation is a waste or compromises on quality of sperms. In fact, regular ejaculation for men is beneficial with respect to sperm quality. The more a man ejaculates the more testosterone is allowed to function for an extended period.

Testosterone is inhibited when the body is full of sperms. Production of sperms in the testicle is a continuous process that is triggered with insufficiency. Therefore, men should strive to ejaculate as many times as their lifestyle allows because it improves on sperm quality. When the old sperms are channeled out, testosterone starts working on other quality sperms immediately. If you can ejaculate on a daily basis, you have a higher chance of producing quality sperm when you want to make a baby.

Missionary position improves chances of pregnancy

There are is no substantive data for scientists to back this claim. It is true that men produce quality sperm when having sex in the most comfortable position. Different men prefer different positions, which discredit missionary position as the answer to pregnancy. If a man prefers the missionary position, then that is his best chance to fertile an ovary. The efficiency and effectiveness of sperm release is largely dependent on comfortability of the man. This is why foreplay is crucial in exciting the emotions.

While sex is physical, there is much to do with the mind. When the mind is excited, it influences the testicles and penis in the sexual activity. It is important for men to find out their favorite position and focus on it when they need to conceive. Women also have a role in establishing the best position for their man and engage him in creative ideas on bed to excite his reproduction and channeling of sperms.

Excess weight interferes with fertility

This is fact. Any man with excess weight has high risk of ejaculating with no sperm or too few as per a standard ejaculation. Apart from sperm count, the quality of sperm is also dependent on weight. If you are planning to have a baby, it is high time you start working out to reduce 5% of your weight. Yes, even the slightest decrease in weight increases your fertility chances. However, consult a specialist when choosing the methods to exercise. Bike riding for instance poses significant risks to erection; it is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Avoid it as much as you can and try other conventional modes of exercise.

Smoking has huge impact on fertility in men

When trying to conceive, you should keep off smoking. Tobacco is a harmful element that will not only affect your sperm count but also quality. You are likely to pass a defective DNA to the kid, that is if you are lucky to fertile the woman’s egg. Smoking has long-term effects; there is no way to emphasize this enough. Keep away from tobacco if you are planning to make a baby. If not frustration with erectile dysfunctions, the kid will be defective because of your smoking habit. Don’t make this mistake because you will have to live with the blame.

Canola and baby oil is safe when trying to conceive

This is fiction. There is no doubt that applying oil and Pre-seed inside a woman’s vagina increases the excitement and desire for sex. The liquids lubricate the vaginal area and make the penetration smooth and enjoyable. However, conception is more of sperm quality than pleasure of partners. Any artificial lubricants compromise on quality of sperms.

It is important to differentiate sex for pleasure and purposeful sex with respect to conceiving a baby. The only liquid during sex should be the natural lubrication process on a woman’s vagina. Any other including saliva that most people would use a stimulation technique risks damage to the sperms.

Stress causes infertility

This is partly true. Stress affects normal functioning of the body. Body cells and tissues are bound to relax when the mind is at pressure. Erectile dysfunction can directly be related to stress levels. However, stress has nothing to do with sperm quality. Sperm count is also not affected by stress. This can be a cause of infertility.