It is natural for men to desire a large penis – for them, the larger it is, and the more productive their reproductive organ is. It is a common notion among men that one of the most common determinants of their masculinity is how long or large their male reproductive organ. This is the reason why men search for various ways to enlarge their penises, usually through medication and muscle stretching. But with the advent of technology, penis surgery is a must try.

What to Know About Penis Surgery? It is a surgical process that involves minor procedures in the pubic area and not in the penis per se. There are two most common methods of penile enlargement surgery: (1) the injection of fat, usually liposuctioned from the abdomen, face or even thighs, under the penile shaft or (2) the insertion or injection of prosthetic silicone instead of liposuctioned fats along the shaft of the penis. It usually costs $15,000 and the procedure lasts for 45-60 minutes. It does not need hospital admission, therefore, the patient can opt to go home within the day.

What to You Need to Know and Do Before, During and After the Surgery?

  • Before the Surgery
    • Avoid drinking medications without the prescription of the attending doctor 7 days before the operation
    • Prepare one’s male reproductive organ. It should be circumcised. If it is, make sure to shave off hair up to the scrotum area. If it is not, better do so.
    • Better be with someone or make sure to book a ride to and from the clinic or hospital where the surgery will be conducted.
  • During the Surgery
    • As mentioned earlier, the whole surgical procedure will just take  45 to 60 minutes.
    • Anesthesia will be utilized in order for the patient to fall asleep and not feel any pain during the surgery.
  • After the Surgery
    • The patient can go home the same day as the procedure.
    • Avoid masturbating or conducting any sexual activity for about one to two months until it is completely healed.
    • Avoid putting stress or force towards the newly-operated area.
    • Bleeding may occur.
    • The newly-operated penis will be swollen for a week or two.

Penile Lengthening Surgery is a safe and effective method to answer the usual male problems. On top of these are the male self-confidence issues when it comes to their “size” and the lack of sexual satisfaction for their partner. It gives permanent result of increased size, improved function and better performance. Know more about this through their site