Modafinil is the active ingredient in Modalert which helps in promoting wakefulness, cognitive enhancement, and alertness. Modafinil can also be used to enhance the mood and creativity. In addition, this product helps in increasing attention span and memory.

Using modafinil provides the user with enhanced focus and attention. Through the Modafinil purchase, the user can improve the brain function and productivity thus leading to better performance. Also, this product aids in improving the short-term memory.

The appetite suppressing effects contained in this product aids in maintaining a healthy body function and ensures this product does not lead to weight gain. Additionally, the formula contained in this product is fast acting and provides effects within an hour of use. Also, after taking this product, the peak performance lasts from six to eight hours.

Working Mechanism

Modafinil works by raising the level of dopamine in the brain which results in wakefulness and increased brain activity. Also, modafinil elevates histamine which is a neurotransmitter that is essential in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. Further, the serotonin is increased after taking this product which triggers the feel-good effects and provides a balance in the mood

Modafinil reduces the level of sleepiness by lowering the level of GABA. Hence, this drug is ideal for users working for long hours to stimulate wakefulness, attention, and concentration. Further, students and professionals can use this product to boost the decision-making and planning skills.


  • It is safe for use
  • Provides easy to take tablets
  • Boost the memory
  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Supports wakefulness
  • Stimulates alertness
  • Improves focus and attention
  • Enhances the performance
  • Boosts productivity
  • Does not lead to intoxication
  • Promotes planning and decision-making skills


Modafinil is available online and comes in blisters of 10 tablets per strip. Users can purchase 20 pills which are offered at $56 while 50 pills sell at $85. 300 pills are provided at $294 thus each pill is valued at $0.98.

Modafinil is a safe product, and it is offered at the best rates. Prices differ on various sites and the modafinil 200mg street price can also be considered. Users can choose the package that best suits the set budget, but the price of each tablet lowers with the increase in the number of pills purchased.

Should you buy Modafinil?

Modafinil is affordable and provides effects within an hour of use, and the peak performance lasts for six to eight hours. Modafinil can be used ninety minutes prior to the target activity to boost the cognitive performance. However, the user should not exceed the dosage of 200mg but taking 300mg and below does not cause any adverse reactions.

Using this product leads to improved productivity due to the increase in alertness and concentration. Regular use of modafinil results in does not lead to intoxication. Consumers can use this product to treat excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy, boost memory and focus.


When using this drug, it is vital to maintain hydration by consuming sufficient water. Proper hydration also stimulates the optimal benefits. New users should take only 100mg in each dose, and the dosage can be increased with frequent usage and time.


Modafinil is offered on AFINIL EXPRESS and shipping this product is within twenty hours after payment confirmation. The user can use credit cards, and the order can be received within seven to fourteen days, and if the product is not received within fifteen days, the user can be refunded. Also, a refund is offered if damaged products were received or when the product was not received at all.