The Stott Pilates is basically the contemporary approach of the method of original exercises which got originated and developed by notable Late. Joseph Pilates. Basically this is a version of the method Pilates related to the physical exercising. This method got developed by the Moira Merrithew and Lindsay along with strong collaborations with some fitness professionals, sports medicine and physical therapists. The most important different between the Joseph Pilate and Stott Pilate is that, the original method used the straight spine during the course of exercising while on the other hand the Stott method mainly focuses upon maintenance of the spine’s natural curvature.

This Stott Pilate of method holds the exercises which are best designed for restoration of the natural curves of spine and also for the rebalancing of the muscles around the body joints. This method also lays more emphasis on the scapular stabilizations as compared to other exercising methods. This method also complete specializes and focuses upon the main five principles which includes the following

  • Cervical spine and head placement
  • The scapular movement
  • The rib cage movement
  • The pelvic movement
  • Breathing

It is also recommended by the experts, for being the instructor trainer or instructor and also for maintaining the certification of Stott Pilate, she or he must attend the minimum class of its workshops and courses every year, for keeping themselves updated and knowledgeable about changes and updating in its methods. Most of the workshops and courses of this method are also the part of the CEC program, and most of them are also recognized by some outsider organizations, including that of the ACE as American council on exercising. In the year 2013, it was found that around 50 center of fitness across the globe got the license for offering training to all related to the method of Stott Pilates.

This method of exercising can also be easily done or performed on floors. One can make use of the mats or any specialized equipments for the same. You can also get the equipments online, which are specifically designed as the Merrithew fitness and health related equipment for such exercises. The main and most commonly referred by the experts is reformer that got created by the Lindsay in a form of the horizontal carriage which gets glided from front and in backward on the rollers. The high resistance is provided by them by making use of the springs along some attachments for different positions or exercises that includes standing, seating or lying down positions.

Their mat exercises also include some of the props as the fitness circle, the flex band, toning balls, mini stability balls, stability balls and more. This refined method as the Stott Pilate results in the formation of the creative principles of the exercises of rehabilitation and science which is the effective and safest method available to all. It is also recognized as premium choice with skilled fitness professionals, facilities of fitness and more.