It can be really hard to look great when you’ve been running on a treadmill for half an hour. And any kind of boot camp is sure to make you look how you feel! Exhausted and sweaty are not looks I usually like to go for, so I’ve been trying to figure out all the best ways to look fab while fighting the flab.

The outfit you wear makes a huge difference I think. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you’re doing. You can still wear an awesome outfit to make sure your body looks and feels great. So ditch the baggy tees and sweatpants. Get yourself into some good quality leggings that look gorgeous but also support your body while you workout. Look for clothing that is designed for the sport you’re doing. Don’t forget to dress for the season and the weather!

Hair can get a little bit wild when you get sweaty. And if you’re outdoors playing sports or running, it can get even worse. Try not to use too much product on your hair when you’re working out. It can mix with the sweat and cause some reactions. Instead, use straighteners to keep long hair sleek, and tie it back in a cute pony, so it doesn’t get in your eyes. A touch of hairspray can usually keep it in check.

Makeup has a tendency to melt when we get hot. Mascara is the worst for it. Do your best not to rub your eyes with a sweaty hand. Choose waterproof cosmetics, but be prepared to take it off with cleansers when you head to the showers. Less is more when you’re working out. You probably won’t need any blush! Let your skin breathe by using a lighter powder foundation. Keep your nails trimmed a little shorter to avoid damage from the equipment.

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Most of us have a range of interesting ‘workout faces’ that we pull when we’re feeling the burn. Try to keep smiling. It will help you focus on other things like breathing right too. And a great smile looks way better than that frown when you’re lifting heavy weights. Keep your physical form in check too. Good posture and technique look good, and they help you stay safe as you workout.

Drink plenty of water while you workout. Dehydration can make you appear pale and dried out. It can leave your lips looking chapped. It will also help prevent too many toxins building up in your body. Sweat from a hydrated body doesn’t smell as bad either. Most importantly, it can help you carry on for longer.

There is no need to dress down when you’re heading to the gym. You can still look incredibly gorgeous no matter what you’re doing. Stick to workouts that are challenging but not beyond you. And make the most of all those mirrors. What you’re doing is the best thing to keep you looking good for life! Pick good quality gym wear, and good quality cosmetics so you can look awesome while you train. Exercise is essential to good health and well-being, so let’s look good out there!