Being a parent is the best feeling along with a huge responsibility to make sure your kids are safe from any disease. Many of us don’t believe this but it is a true fact that several mothers and fathers, even dentists, have trouble keeping their children’s mouths and teeth clean. But to keep your loved ones smile healthy it is very important to maintain the routine brushing schedule.

Today let’s discuss some tricks to make sure that your kids are brushing their teeth properly to keep them away from cavities and other teeth or gum problems.

A Fun Family Routine

Brushing can be turned into a fun family event by having a two-minute dance party. You can turn your favourite music on. You won’t believe that there are so many brushing apps that make it easy for you. So try this today and turn your morning routine to fun family activity.

Reward Your Kids for Good Brushing Behavior

Who doesn’t like rewards? I think no one so why not try this common trick to ensure your kids keep a proper brushing habit for a long time. You can motivate your child by creating a reward chart for your kids to maintain the routine of proper and daily brushing.

Allow Your Kids To Choose Their Brush

Many top London dentist state that kids can be easily convinced for brushing if you involve their decision to choose their toothbrush and toothpaste flavour. You can easily do this by allowing kids to help choose their own toothbrush. They can choose one that has a favourite colour or character.

Play Games To Teach Them

Drawings of the teeth with arrows that indicate which way they should move the brush, toy dentures to practice with the brush. This will be very useful for the child to learn to brush his teeth.

Set The Environment

It seems very obvious, but not all children have everything at their fingertips. Usually, we put toothbrush and toothpaste within our reach means at our suitable height makes it inaccessible to kids which affects their interest in brushing. Nowadays with the availability of lots of accessories, you can set the brushing environment for kids well. Make sure it is accessible to their kids so that they can independently handle it and can have fun while brushing. Get the idea?

Finally, as everyone knows children learn by observing, they are great observers. They need someone to tell them how to brush their teeth. You must be the one who teaches them how to do it. Take advantage of the moment when you should brush your teeth and do it at the same time. You will be their best example. And remember to do each movement in slow motion, so you can observe well.