Random drug tests:

            There are so many corporates and firms that perform many types of drug related screenings and tests randomly on their employees as well as new hires in order to retain only those who have a clean background. Normally these companies have a tie-up with the pathological laboratories that are specifically designed to handle such tests as they produce accurate results. A person or employee has to clear the drug test if not he or she will lose the job or may not get a good placement to start with. Hence to retain the job or to get a good placement to start one’s career, clearing the random drug tests and screening is a must and steps must be taken properly to achieve the same successfully.

Samples collected for the test:

            For a drug random screening and testing, the pathological labs normally collect the urine as well as blood samples from the employees. But, off late, in order to get more accurate results as well as to get a report on the complete history of the person drug usage and health, these labs also collect the hair samples. The follicles in the collected hair samples are thoroughly tested for drug related usage. To know more on the information on how to pass a hair follicle drug test one can check the Total Detox Friend and talk to an expert online on how to detox one’s hair before going for a drug test. Any trial and error method tried at home by self will only complicate the situation and hence talking to an expert online getting the necessary advice on the detox programme will definitely help the person to clear the hair follicle related drug test successfully and instantly.

The process:

            The whole process when the company or the firm informs the employee or would be hire in advance just a couple of days before the anticipated drug test. The employee if indeed has been a regular user of drugs must take necessary steps and precautions to make sure that the hair samples that he is going to give are free from drug related contamination. The individual must make full use of the time given to him by undergoing any successful detox programme in order to clear the forthcoming drug test.

Accurate results

            The hair follicle drug test always gives the accurate results regarding a person’s history and usage of drugs in the past and hence it is widely popular across various labs. The hair follicles collected from the person goes through rigorous procedures as well as tests for a comfortable amount of time in order to produce 100% accurate as well as satisfactory results. The labs rule out a positive results quickly but in case of a negative result, they do a number of tests and procedures to produce accurate results as even a minor mistake would cost a human’s job, life as well as reputation in the society.