Dental experts perform thousands of tooth replacements every year and this is one of the most common procedures that patients can have.

Procedures like this contain a few simple steps which the dental professional follows every time for perfect results.

Damage To The Existing Teeth Is Assessed

Patients come to the dental surgeon with a variety of different problems, and the expert performs a full examination to determine what has happened to the patient. Some patients have the minor cracks in their teeth, whilst others have gaps where teeth have been knocked out during a game of rugby.

A dentist has to be able to deal with a wide range of situations so that the patient is looked after with dental implants in Canberra that fit perfectly. Once the damage has been assessed, the dental professional has a clear idea about the course of action that needs to be taken.

Teeth that cannot be crowned should be removed and replaced.

A Mould Of The Tooth Is Taken

Moulds need to be constructed so that the tooth is the right dimension for the mouth. Once this has been taken, the new tooth is created. Several new teeth are made if there are multiple missing teeth. New teeth are made to the highest standards by professionals who have had the right amount of training from a fully-accredited dental school.

Screws Are Put Into The Gum Line

Replacement teeth do not just sit on top of the gum line. Instead, they are held in place with screws that have been put into the gums. Don’t worry because this procedure is performed with anaesthetic and it is impossible to feel the screws once they have been implanted.

New Teeth Are Put Onto The Screws

New teeth fit over the top of the screws and are secure. People who have this procedure done will feel like they have their original teeth back. When the teeth have been installed, the dentist checks that they have been installed properly.

After These Teeth Are Installed

There is a tendency for people to be overly-cautious once they have these new teeth installed. However, the teeth are robust enough to be brushed twice a day. Food such as coffee and cake can stain the teeth, so it is a very good idea to keep brushing and flossing them.

Arrange a follow-up so that the dentist can have another look at the teeth. Usually, these check-ups are routine.

What Are The Benefits Of Implants Over Methods?

Implants are completely secure and they are hygienic. Screws do not need to be replaced once they have been inserted into the gum. Choose this option instead of having some dentures fitted.

Having The Process Repeated In The Future

Whenever a tooth needs to be replaced, don’t ignore the problem and hope that it gets better. Instead, book an appointment with a trusted dental professional because they make sure that everything is done correctly.