In the human body there exists a growth hormone in the pituitary gland which is solely responsible for the regulation of immune system, mental well being, aging process, regeneration and cell growth. It entirely focuses on health of all human tissue, including that of the brain and other vital organs. Fountain of youth is the other name of this hormone. It’s important that in childhood and teenage years, human growth hormone remains balanced as you can’t be a dwarf or too tall. Our body requires plenty of these hormones so that our bones and muscles are full and strong and skin is repaired soon. Unfortunately our body’s growth hormone level peaks or rises when we are adolescents and begins to decrease or decline from then. After reaching the age of 30, HGH level begins to drop faster. Over the time, the functions of growth hormone leads to some unsightly byproducts of aging, like more body fat, less muscle, decreased bone density, worse skin appearance, fatigue and decreased brain function.

Human growth hormone is injected with supplements in our body for the improvement of muscle mass and bone density. One huge benefit of this drug is that it can reverse or at least improve aging. A less amount of |HGH is capable enough to make a person feel more youthful. But if taken in more amounts can be really harmful for the body. It’s been used by nutritionists, bodybuilders, and recommend by doctors to decrease fat, enhance steroid cycles, and recover from workouts faster. So it’s easy to see why many look at HGH as some sort of wonder drug. One can attain lean mass from using HGH and this may be especially true in the fat-loss department. One study revealed that HGH is better than testosterone for melting body fat. Another advantage to this hormone is that it helps a person’s recovery from both, workouts and heals from injuries faster. The functions of growth hormone not only showcase the result faster but also provide strength to complete work.

Any athlete can appreciate being able to train harder and more frequently with the faster workout recovery time. To increase a person’s ability to perform many physical activities and be enthusiastic and young these HGH pills and drugs are used. Even models, players, actors who require these for their ongoing work have to take it to never lose their charm and attraction in them. More importantly it is their need to look good and young.

Growth hormone – many advantages

Growth hormone has many advantages of its own but it also has some disadvantages that we should be aware of. The worst side effect of HGH is water retention and joint pain which will be a horrible experience. Luckily, the joint pain shouldn’t be unbearable in most cases, and the water retention will subside when your HGH cycle is over. Some minor problems that you could experience include cold-like symptoms, fatigue, and headaches when using this drug. One should also consider the history of family in cancer as growth hormone can accelerate the growth of existing tumors.