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Any real weight lifter knows it. A lot more goes into weight training than time after work. Sure, there is the time that needs to be removed from your schedule in order to make time for your regime, but it’s so much more than that. For a person that truly cares about their gains, seeing improvement goes beyond seeing simple time outside of work.

Real improvement means serious lifting. It means waking up early and going to bed late. Most serious lifters work a regular 9 to 5 and their training occurs after or before those hours the real key to getting the real gains you want comes after hours. It comes either before or after the corporately mandated hours. Knowing this, there is much more that goes into really pushing your limits

The simple act of lifting is easy. The true test of one’s character is how they drag their ass to the gym and get it done. It’s easy to sit in the gym and push a bench until near failure. Any serious lifter knows that the real challenge comes with waking up early, throwing off the sheets and getting to the gym on time.

So imagine this: You’ve sacked up, woken up early and had the hardest workout of your life. Not only did you bench, but you also did squats outside of the Smith machine. You’ve dropped your butt to the floor and pushed back up again. You left the gym in a fit of sweat, adrenaline, and exhaustion. We’ve all had tough work outs, but this one where you needed to hold the hand rail on the way out as to not fall over. To put it simply, you threw everything you had into this workout.

To put it simply, you’ve outdone yourself. You have stretched every single muscle fiber and every ligament in your body. You know for a fact that every movement will yield pain upon waking. You don’t regret the workout, but you do have a career that will hold you accountable. At this point, we stand at the precipice of a question: is it truly worth going to work or school at this point? In this world, there are two realities. There is the internal world. that demands our internal strife and there is the external world that pushes us socially. In both cases; for someone who has lifted and pushed their personal records, a doctor’s note is a good thing. It not only relieves us from the societal constraints of work or school but also relieves us from the personal guilt of potentially not being able to get off the couch.

It may seem overly progressive, but perhaps doctor’s notes are a good way to get out of a hard day of training. You’re not just benefiting yourself after all. Read more – http:/abcnews4.com/archive/website-offers-fake-doctors-notes-guaranteed-to-work