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Many surveys have been conducted on the subject of teeth, and all of them that have addressed tooth colour have found that most of the people surveyed wish they had whiter teeth. In magazine ads, movies, and on TV, nearly everyone has a perfect set of bright white teeth, but this is of course, not very easy to accomplish. Genetics are involved to a degree, and some people will have more difficulty getting their teeth to this colour. There are a few things you should know about teeth whiteners before you get started which you can read below; alternatively you can visit for more information

At-Home Teeth Whitening Products All Work the Same Way

Just like when you buy generic food brands at the market, different brands may look, taste, feel, or smell somewhat different, but all at-home teeth whitening products use the same chemical process to whiten your teeth. That means you don’t have to be sure to buy the most expensive product when you’re searching for a whitening agent. That doesn’t mean all of these products are created equal, however, as some have different strengths and other benefits. These products will usually tell you about the concentration of the active ingredients on the label, so be sure to look for that if you want the strongest possible product.

dental care

Some People Are Sensitive to Teeth Whitening Products

Various factors will determine how your teeth react to the chemicals contained in teeth whiteners. Genetics, for instance, usually have a role in determining how it feels to have these chemicals resting on your teeth. Some people feel a fair amount of pain when they apply teeth whiteners, but it’s not really possible to know how your teeth will react before you try a product. Generally, this sensitivity is very temporary, and it’s important to know that one product may bother your teeth and another will not, even if they have the same active ingredient. At first, you may want to purchase a small amount of a teeth whitener to test and see if it bothers you.

Teeth Whiteners Probably Won’t Harm Your Teeth

There are certainly some rumours around the internet that teeth whiteners will actually damage your teeth. These products are tested under strict conditions to determine what amounts are safe to apply and for how long it’s safe to apply them. The governmental agencies in charge of protecting consumers know what will hurt you, and they don’t allow the companies making these products to take chances. While strong chemicals can damage your teeth, this is extremely unlikely, especially if you follow the instructions on the package of the product you purchase.

Whiteners Aren’t for Everyone

There are risks and side effects with every kind of drug, and that’s something that’s just unavoidable. If you’re someone who has a gum disease or have very sensitive teeth, these products may not be right for you. Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding should generally stay away from these products as well, but you may want to speak to your physician about this. Also, it’s important to understand that these chemicals do not contain bleach which is known to cause adverse side effect such as burning.