Fentanyl addiction changes the person in a physiological and psychological level, however, there are also those that are considered high-functioning addicts. These are individuals who are addicted to fentanyl but you could not readily detect or see their substance abuse on the surface. Not all drug addiction cases are tragic or would result in rock bottom moments. Preconceived notions of a fentanyl addict cloak the real face of a high-functioning addict. There are various signs that people in this category of Fentanyl addiction would manifest and display.

Fentanyl Addiction and High-Functioning Addicts

The archetypal image of drug addicts is debunked when you are dealing with a high-functioning addict because you would not see these people in a measly state or push carts or become homeless. High-functioning addicts are in fact anything but the usual stereotypes that society has about fentanyl addicts. They work overtime, keep their usual images and appearances, and would even hold down jobs. There are even individuals grappling with Fentanyl addiction that enjoys their professional success or maintains their active social lives. Most high-functioning addicts even have the capacity to hide their addiction from their loved ones or the people closest to them but this could be for a short period of time.

The Danger in High-Functioning Addicts

Fentanyl addiction has the capacity to destroy an individual, even and especially high-functioning addict. Being a functioning addict has its ups and downs. For instance, you are seemingly able to hold it together and continue with your normal life, even becoming successful in certain aspects at a particular period of time. However, it comes at a higher price and would eventually take its toll on you. The downside of becoming a high-functioning addict that is hooked on fentanyl is that you become good at concealing your struggles that your loved ones would not know until it’s too late.

How to Detect a High-Functioning Addict?

No matter how good a fentanyl addict would mask his addiction, there are always telltale signs to detect their substance abuse problems. One of the indicators that your loved one could be a high-functioning addict is that they seem to make excuses for their behaviors. They may justify their Fentanyl addiction as a reward for their success in their career or hard work.

High-functioning addicts that suffer from Fentanyl addiction could also mingle with and spend time with people who have the same addiction issues. The best way to know if your loved one is having substance abuse problems is to know his social circle and friends. The people they socialize with most of the time could tell you the kind of interests your loved one has. Are their friends prone to binge drinking or using illegal substances such as fentanyl?

Fentanyl addiction undoubtedly pulls you down and destroys your life in the long run. High-functioning addicts are no different and they too need treatment to recover from their addiction. Know the signs of a high-functioning addict to help your loved one before it’s too late.