Patients with severe injuries in different parts of limbs require support in the form of crutches for being mobile. But many times, using crutches can be tiresome, and you can end up having painful hands and wrists in case you have been using them for prolonged hours. The best alternative to crutches is the knee scooters. These are easy to use and help you to be mobile without putting much burden on your hands.

While using knee walker, you just need to put a full weight of your body on the knee pad that is attached on the top side of the scooter and immediately you become mobile. This gives your lower limb injury a chance to rest as it can be in a non-weight bearing position. These walkers are much better than the crutches which require the support of your hands or arms. If you are thinking of buying a knee walker, then you should check for some essential features that are a must for making your knee scooter ride easy and comfortable.

Large Wheels

If your scooter has small wheels, then the chances are that they will abruptly stop at the cracks or threshold or even on uneven paths. So, check before buying whether your knee scooter has durable and large wheels along with traction. This point is also important from insurance as some insurance companies do not cover the scooter units that have wheels of five inches or less. The perfect size of wheels should be eight inches as it sufficiently moves along the uneven surfaces and heavy carpet.

Turning Steering Wheel

The knee scooters have two types of steering wheels. The turning steering wheels and the caster style wheels. Just make sure that you do not by the second type of wheels as they have a tendency to roll away the scooter from you. Try the scooter before finally purchasing it and choose one that turns and moves like a bicycle. Insurance companies do not provide insurance for scooters with smaller steering wheels.

Offset Knee Platform

Most of the scooters that come nowadays have the resting platform with adjustments. Offset platforms offer more flexibility and support your injured leg better. It also acts as protection feature. Just be sure to check the width of this platform. It should not be too wide, or else it won’t go through the door and too narrow as it increases your chances of tumbling down.

It is essential to understand that both young and old are using knee scooters to assist get around and improve their mobility with ease. It is not unusual to see a variety of age groups utilizing these scooters because accidents can happen to anyone. It is also important to remember that these scooters are created to improve your life and help you to go around securely and efficiently. If you need to use a walker to do your regular duties or move, there is no reason to be ashamed. Back to an injury or a condition that affected their mobility a lot of people use knee scooters and other types of scooters to help them gain their independence. It can be an excellent way to help you to get involved doing many of the things you enjoyed before your medical-related lifestyle change.