For most youngsters, 20’s is their defining decade. It’s the time when most people start their first jobs, get married and handle families, have babies and manage parenthood or just struggle to discover themselves. No matter what you’re 20’s are like, they are surely stressful with work and family pressure from all corners. It’s the time you’re most probably binging on junk food because you moved out of your parents’ home and you have no idea how to cook.

This lifestyle is not just harmful for you while you’re in your 20’s but can also affect your overall health as you grow older. Extend your fitness and agility by following this essential exercise regime to make sure you stay fit and healthy for a longer period of time:

Strengthen Your Knees

The problem with most lifestyles is that most jobs are desk jobs allowing one to sit on a chair for extended periods of time. This result in weakened knees and one must follow exercise regimes to strengthen the knees. It’s important to strengthen your inner thighs as well and you can easily achieve this by lying down and trying leg circles. Keep your leg straight and flex your toes. You can now rotate your leg in circles 12 times as this will not only do wonder for your thighs as well as thigh muscles.

Work your Spine

Sitting great amount of time at the computer or work desk can cause your spine to develop a hunch. This can be a result of your spine being compressed due to a slouched sitting posture. Always make it a point to walk straight and sit straight. Make sure your computer is at eye level so you don’t end up crouching. Make sure your chair is comfortable to support your back. Be sure to stretch your spine when you wake up early morning and stand on your toes with your hands stretched. Similarly go down to touch your toes without bending your knees. Practice similar spine exercises that will help your spine stay active and not develop a hunch. It is also important to keep your diet in check and have the right exercise equipment to do a thorough work out and you can always use healthgenie coupons to get the equipment and health supplements to keep your body going.


Zumba is a great way to work your entire body and you can easily join a Zumba class which is not only fun but also makes sure you remain fit and moving. Groove to the thumping music as you burn calories on the go and have an intense cardio work out along with moving mostly all body muscles vigorously making sure you don’t stiffen up. This class is a great way to interact socially and keep your body fit in a fun way letting it get the important exercise it needs.


Your 20’s is the best time to develop stamina and go for a run or a jog in the morning before you hit office. With so many technical gadgets that help you count the steps you’ve walked and the calories you’ve burnt, you can easily keep track of your fitness as well as keep your legs and ankles moving and healthy. This helps your body stay active rather than you ending up as a couch potato. Besides a good workout, you also need to eat healthy and right and you can give your body the nutrients it needs through protein shakes and vitamin supplements using healthkart coupons and you can always have a refreshing protein shake post a vigorous run to keep the body going.


Yoga too is a great way to start your day be it simple breathing exercises to send fresh oxygen to your brain early morning or be it more complex yogic postures you have mastered. Yoga is a great way to keep your over all body healthy and fit and you can easily learn the art of yoga through apps, videos or join a professional class twice a week. Surely in just a few weeks you will find yourself fitter and healthier.

Try these exercises and workout regimes to help you stay active and healthy well in your 20’s so as to set a foundation to a healthier life well post your 20’s as well. Work now for a healthier life style tomorrow.