What we drink or eat can make or break our dental health. It is all too easy to eat whatever we lay our eyes on and wish our teeth would stay healthy. Unfortunately, that rarely if ever happens, which is why dental practitioners near us advise against giving into alcoholic beverages and sugary foods as these would harm our teeth in a big way.

It takes discipline to maintain our oral health and make it our resolve to choose foods that will benefit our teeth. According to a dentist near me in greenville sc,knowing which foods are best before we start eating will help us to get strong and healthy teeth.

Foods We Should Worry About for the Sake of Our Teeth

  • Cheese is the number one source of good calcium and protein that will strengthen our teeth. What it does is to stimulate the flow of saliva to get rid of harmful bacteria so our gums and teeth may remain disease-free. Yogurt has similar properties and should form part of our regular eating plan.
  • We should consume more leafy greens as they benefit our overall health and not just our teeth. Besides, they are high in minerals, vitamins, and low in calories. What is more, greens prove to be helpful for our gums.
  • Apples are excellent in keeping our teeth and gums healthy. Despite its sugary richness, these are good sources of fiber and water. Furthermore, it increases the production of saliva to keep bacteria in check. You’ll find that dentists in Greenville, South Carolina often speak highly of apples due to its fibrous texture.
  • Did you know that they are a good alternative to brushing in cases where you are not able to brush your teeth after eating something?
  • Carrots too are rich in fiber and support our best efforts to maintain our oral health. Also, they will keep cavities at bay thanks to the increase in the level of saliva in our mouths.
  • When you consume celery it is like you are brushing your teeth. Celery is one of those rare foods that bring about the same benefits as brushing. Is it any wonder seeing that celery is rich in vitamin A and C to ensure proper gum health?
  • Almonds aid dental well beingas it’s low in sugar but high in calcium and protein. You can consume these regularly to provide excellent strength and health to your teeth. Just by being willing to make the necessary changes to what you consume, you can soon expect to obtain a radiant, white smile.

To see your dentist on a periodic basis is critical to good gum health and sporting a beautiful smile. Not only will it help to prevent bad breath and cavities, but it can even help you to avoid periodontal disease.

My dentist in Greenville, South Carolina suggests regular visits to his practice as part of a maintenance program to ensure excellentoral hygiene and health.