Many smokers have switched from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping to save money or to protect their health. Vaping can save most smokers hundreds of pounds per year, and there haven’t been any links to major diseases caused by e-cigarettes. Due to its popularity, vaping equipment has expanded and offers smokers more variety than ever before.


E-cigarette Options

There are many different options for purchasing electronic cigarettes. Single disposable e-cigarettes can be bought ready to vape, which is equal to approximately 20 tobacco cigarettes. While many of them resemble regular filter cigarettes, they may also be available in black, pink, and a variety of other colour options.

Electronic cigarette kits allow you to get started vaping right away because they include the vaping device, a USB charger, an e-juice cartridge, and a blister pack in which to carry your supplies. When you run low on e-juice, you can purchase more pre-filled cartridges or buy the supplies to refill them yourself.

Electronic Cigars

For the cigar aficionado in your life, you can now purchase electronic cigars and enjoy your hobby without using real tobacco, which is laden with thousands of toxic chemicals. Just like real cigars, electronic cigars are available in different sizes, from thicker, longer cigars to mini electronic cigars. You can buy them in disposable one-packs or in kits.

Cigar kits are available with rechargeable cigars, a USB charger, and replacement filters. You may be able to choose from flavours like Cuban, Habana, and more so the electronic cigar smells and tastes like some of the finest available tobacco cigars. Depending on the size of the e-cigars, you can get anywhere from 400 to 1,000 draws on each one.

Electronic Cigarette Mods

If you want a vaping device that allows for a heavier hit, you may be able to find vaporizers or mod kits at stores or online from e-cigarette retailers. These mod kits do not resemble cigarettes or cigars like other vaping devices do, but they have a futuristic look to them. Some are designed like small electronic boxes, while others resemble a pen or a perfume bottle.

However, these devices allow you to get a heavier vape when you smoke your favourite e-liquids. Most kits come with a vaping device, a USB charger, batteries, and a mains power device. Some of the complete kits allow you to enjoy the equivalent of 650 tobacco cigarettes or more, depending on the size of the device.

Shisha Kits

If you enjoy smoking hookah, you can get the same experience at home by vaping with shisha kits. Many companies offer a disposable shisha device that is ready to vape right out of the package. It is pre-loaded with e-juice, it doesn’t need charging, and many of them provide the same amount of hits as 40 tobacco cigarettes.

If you enjoy smoking but are concerned about your health, you can switch to vaping e-cigarettes, electronic cigars, or shisha and get the same pleasure from vaping as you do smoking.