An x-ray is a camera. Instead of visible light, it exposes the film using x-rays. Normally, x-rays are just like light – they’re electromagnetic waves, but they’re more energetic and make easier to penetrate several materials. Tumors, muscles, fat, bone and some other masses in the body absorb these x-rays then the pictures on the film allows you to see different structures inside the human body due to different exposure levels on the film. Different types of X-ray machines are often used extensively in the healthcare field where the resulting x-ray images are referred to as radiographs. Here are some common types of x-rays machines:

  1. Bone X-Ray Machine

This type of x-ray machines comes with an x-ray tube, which is over an ordinary examination table. Beneath this examination table is an x-ray film or image recording plate. The x-ray tube is connected to a flexible arm, which can easily be moved based on the part of the body the x-ray is supposed to be done. This tube diffuses the photons, which pass through your body. This particular machine also produces low level radiation, which are risk free or harmless to the patient. Bone x-ray machines come in variety of sizes and designs, including small portable versions.

  1. CT Scanner

The CT scanner is another popular type of x-ray machine commonly used in the medical care industry. This machine usually takes two dimensional images of the individuals and it also produces digital radiographs. It looks like a large box that has a tunnel through its center. Once the patient reclines on the examination table, the CT scanner is moved into this tunnel for examination. After that, the several x-ray detectors rotate around the patient’s body to take x-ray images. The captured information or images are then sent to a computing device where the result is a 2D radiograph.

  1. Backscatter X-Ray

This particular machine is used for baggage and in airport security checks. This type of x-ray machines can easily see through any type of fabric or clothing and pick out any item available below the surface. Unlike other traditional type of x-ray machines, backscatter x-ray machine use different technology – it measures the ability of items to scatter the protons rather than measuring the photons’ intensity that passes through the object. Certain materials such as metal and liquids will have less scatter. A computer is used to measure the scatter and then it creates images.

  1. Linear Accelerator

Linear accelerators are another type of x-ray machines commonly used for radiotherapy. Some companies such as Imaging Central use this kind of machines to shoot intense radiation beams for tumor purpose to kill cancer without affecting other parts of the body. A linear accelerator is a good example of x-ray machines that contain very strong photons. The benefit of using this particular type is that it’s much faster and easier to calibrate for every patient.

Conclusively, apart from these types of x-ray machines, there are various type of x-ray services such as discography, orthography, fluoroscopy, angiography, barium x-rays and mammography just to mention a few offered in most recognized and reliable perth radiology companies like imaging Central that offers various medical test services.