Hrithik Roshan is the Bollywood’s Greek God that has the best-chiselled body in the fraternity. He has a fine toned body that has the ability to gain muscles. The Bollywood hunk has the best abs and is admired not just by his fans, but also in the film industry. His key to success is to give full commitment towards being fit and healthy.

Hrithik likes to follow international trends by reading world magazines on fitness and workout. He likes to maintain a daily fitness routine. The person behind his transformation into a superhero physique is Kris Gethin. The motivation that drives him towards the gym is his interest in knowing the latest trends that boost him in workout sessions.

Weekly workout regime

After a 20minute warm-up session ever day, he has a different combination of exercises.

  • His focus on Monday is chest, calves and back. His exercises include dumbbell bench press, inclined dumbbell fly, bent over barbell row, under handle cable, seated and standing calf raises, and back extension.
  • Tuesdays are only dedicated to legs where he performs seated leg tucks, leg press, leg extensions, squats and lying leg curls.
  • The superhero focuses on shoulders, calves and abs on Thursday. The combination exercises include marble military press, upright barbell row, side lateral raises, weighted sit-ups, reverse flyes and finally seated and standing calf raises.
  • Fridays are devoted towards arms specifically. Building huge arms size requires training like the hulk. The exercises mainly include cable rope triceps extension, straight arm dumbbell pullover, straight arm pull down, cable lying triceps extensions, standing dumbbell triceps extensions, curls, dumbbell bicep curls and standard cable biceps curl.

Hrithik Roshan diet plan secrets

The awesome physique of Hrithik Roshan requires a healthy diet plan that keeps him fit and sturdy. His disciplined workout regime also needs an adequate daily diet that requires him to eat within regular intervals to improve the metabolism. Whatever diet you maintain will automatically affect you physique. So, it is important to eat right, as 90 percent of the job is done if you follow the correct plan of diet and rest 10 percent is complemented through a good workout. He follows the directions of the nutritionist, who has advised him to eat smaller portions in short intervals rather than eating three heavy meals a day. You definitely cannot follow a crash diet to sustain a humungous body for long.

  • Protein diet

The hulk Roshan has to feed in a lot of proteins to strengthen his muscles. He goes for best bodybuilding protein supplement and proper diet plan.So, his diet mainly includes egg white, chicken, protein shakes and other animal products.

  • Carbohydrate diet

His daily carb menu comprises of sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice and pasta. To improve his fibre content, he prefers eating spinach, sprouts and broccoli. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential that stops the wear and tear of muscles; hence his daily diet also includes 100gms of meat as well.

Supplement schedule

Every morning, Hrithik’s supplement intakes are glutamine, omega-3, liver detoxifier, nutrition anavite and grapeseed antioxidant. Before he starts his cardio session, he takes grenade thermo detonator.

  • Pre workout

His pre-workout supplement diet includes Optimum Nutrition BCAA, Grenade Thermo Detonator, Grape Seed Antioxidant, and nutrition sizeon or nutrition anavite

  • Post workout

After finishing a strenuous workout session, his intakes include Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion, Optimum Nutrition Creatine, Optimum Nutrition Glutamine, GENR8 Vitargo S2 or Optimum Nutrition BCAA.

Before he goes to bed, he has to take another set of protein shakes that includes glutamine, omega-3, liver detoxifier or nutrition ZMA, CASEIN, BCAA.

If you are focused enough like Hrithik and want to go that extra mile to get chiselled abs and perfect physique, you only need self-motivation. Keep all your stresses at bay to avoid any formation of toxic acids in the body and be disciplined towards your goal.