In New Zealand Clen is mainly used as a fat burner and they use it with an intention to get more toned, ripped physique and to lose weight. Even though majority of the bodybuilders and gym goers use it widely in New Zealand, there still remains a question that is Clen legal here?

Similar to Australia even in New Zealand Clen is declared as prescription only drug. It is legal to use it for horses. It is illegal to buy it over the counter. Even if a person gets a script from the doctor in the family it is not considered. But in US Clen is not a controlled substance and there one can buy it over the counter. There is a big problem with counterfeit pills. That is why New Zealanders have started buying it online from chemical suppliers of US.

How it works:

Clen is CNS or central nervous system stimulant and beta-2 sympathomimetic. Clen is not a steroid but is understood as an agonist which can stimulate beta -2 receptors. Since clen can act as a bronchodilator in few countries it is used in the treatment of asthma.

Since Clen comes with great weight loss benefits, it is very popular among celebs. One problem that usually dieters face is weight loss plateau. This is a point where they reach a threshold in weight loss and there no possibility to go below this.  This problem can be solved with the use of Clen and they can continue to experience weight loss.

Clen is very good in producing anti-anabolic nature and thermogenic effects. This is the reason it became very popular among bodybuilders of New Zealand. It helps the body to burn more and more energy by increasing the body temperature. There will be 5% rise in burning calories by increasing body temperature by 1°F.

Burning fat and clen:

The main purpose of using Clen is to burn fat. But it is also effective in treating medical conditions related to respiratory system like asthma. But in New Zealand it is used by performance enhancement fans and bodybuilders mainly for fat loss.

Even though Clen is not meant for bulking cycles, some bodybuilders use it because they want to burn far while enhancing their muscle mass. Clen is most suitable for lean out phase and cutting cycles. In this phase it helps in intensifying the fat loss when accompanied by balance low calorie diet. So, one cannot be most benefited if clen is utilized in bulking cycles.


Clen is measured not in milligrams like other performance enhancers but in micrograms. So users must keep this in mind otherwise they may get into issues. Yes. In case they measure it in milligrams instead of mcg it is really dangerous. 20-40 mcg a d is the suggested dose of Clen for the treatment of asthma.

The amounts usually used for fat burning are always higher than the approved doses. Like any other performance drugs, one need to start with low dose and increase it gradually. Rapid increase in dose may result in issues.