Winstrol and Anavar are the two anabolic steroids which are compared for their analogous results. When you need to burn fats before bulking, both of the steroids could eventually be used as they are suitable for the cutting cycle of bodybuilding phase. Using them, you can easily experience toned and ripped muscles for hard physique to appear as they preserve the inbuilt lean muscle mass while burning fats. Hence both could be used alternatively, fetching you the possible result in least time period. Both of the steroids gives you similar result, and hence the most important point that must be taken into consideration is if you can combine both the substance to achieve more effective and quick result., or you need to opt for one between the two. Anavar is similar to Winstrol dosages as there is no water retention. Many bodybuilders and athletes have stacked both together in a cycle in order to experience improved result. This could possibly be done following relative measures as precautionary needs. The question of matter is that whether the combination is effective without any side effects. Let’s discuss a brief introduction on the two.

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is known as safest and mildest steroid in the market. It is one of the oldest substance on which people are having due faith. The enhance vascularity is provided to the users during the cutting cycle. It has become more popular these days due to its outstanding results. This is one of the expensive anabolic steroid in the market. It never affects the liver as many other steroids do. Due to this reason, it is also preferred by the females during the cutting phase. Therefore it could be used by both men as well as women, where doses for woman are kept at lower levels comparing to those of men. As already told, this is the mildest androgenic which won’t cause any side effects variation.

Talking about Winstrol, it contains Stanozolol and is available in the form of tablet, drop, and injection, but injectable form of Winstrol is considered more helpful and normally highly preferred by most athletes. It mainly provides conspicuous stiff muscle which adds to the lean physique and promotes strength while body building. Winstrol depot is measured differently because it is mainly soluble in water and not in oil unlike many other steroids.

For stacking Winstrol and Anavar to the cutting cycle, there are following measures which must be taken into consideration. Anavar could be commonly taken with stanozolol pills while cutting cycle. In order to experience much better result, you can also combine Clenbuterol to the stack. For dosage clarification, you should consult to the doctor. Here are some combinations of dosages compiled through sampling procedures. For stacking the cycle in the beginning, it must be of eight weeks to be followed by 100mg Anavar for each day, and 100mg of Winstrol on every second day. After this there is Advanced Stacking Cycle which for twelve weeks comprises 150mg Anavar per day and 50mg Winstrol for every second day.